Simona Halep, amazed by a gesture from Madison Keys. “I’ve been depressed for three days, it’s about education!”


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Our champion revealed a specific episode, explained behind with four years, which perfectly exemplifies the difference in mentality from the present.

Simona Halep, totally surprised by Madison Keys: “I was shocked!”

The Constanța sportswoman recalled a final she won against the American sportswoman, Madison Keys (25, 16 WTA), at Rogers Cup, Montreal, score 7-6, 6-3. The opponent’s final gesture marked her deeply.

“I was shocked when I played a final with the Madison Keys and I won 6-4, 7-6 or something like that, very tight. She walked off the pitch and laughed, she had fun, she joked.

I was shocked! I, if I lost that game at that point, I was depressed for three days, I was crying, it seems to me that everything is over. It’s about education, thinking“, Confessed Simona Halep, in an interview with Andi Moisescu, on her Youtube channel.

The final after which Simona Halep cried at night! “I was disappointed, I was in a very difficult condition!”

Simo also told about the match after which he cried for three days. It was also a final, but not ordinary, but of the Grand Slam, at Roland Garros.

“The most difficult match was the final at Roland Garros in 2017. For me, and I’m not arrogant, it was very clear that I could win. I had a set and a 3-0 and a 4-0 … It was hard to lose from there when I was.

After that game I cried a lot! There were days when I would wake up at night and cry because I remembered the game!

But I haven’t given up on training. I was disappointed and in a very, very difficult state, but I was going to train. I never gave up! “, said Simona Halep.

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