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Silver Miller Legal claim against Jeremy Spence for coin signs False fund cryptocurrency

CORAL SPRINGS, Fla., December 26, 2018 / PRNewswire / – Silver Miller () – the leading legal firm of cryptocurrency investors in America – has launched a new lawsuit on behalf of investors in a Ponzi scheme orchestrated by Jeremy Spence, arguing that Spence sold investments in a series of fraudulent hedge funds through a fictitious entity that he called Coin Signals. Pretending to be a successful cryptocurrant trader who offered lucrative earnings in a number of hedge funds he was supposed to manage, Spence solicited investors all over the world through online discussions on Telegram and Discord. Instead of running a hedge fund, Spence was conducting a classic Ponzi scheme: raising funds from new investors and distributing these funds to previous investors on the pretext that those distributions were investment profits. During his plan, Spence held back large portions of the funds invested to pay for personal expenses and debts. At its peak, Ponzi's scheme sought to manage the activities of investors valued at beyond $ 5,000,000.00.

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The cause, in style , Dist. U.S. Ct. – SDNY – Case n. 1: 18-cv-12218, asks the Court to cancel the investments in the fraudulent funds of the Signals of the coins; return their cryptocurrency to investors; impose a monetary penalty on Spence and his collaborators for their fraud and impose constructive trust on the assets collected by Spence.

Silver Miller continues to be a strong defender of cryptocurrency investors damaged by the illegal actions of fraudulent investment promoters, digital asset exchanges and trading platforms. With pending actions against the Coinbase, Kraken, BitConnect, is Cryptsy exchanges and legal actions against ICO promoters of pre-functional tokens Tezos is Capital of the Apes, Silver Miller is at the forefront of cryptocurrency litigation.

In a recent issue, Fortune magazine published an article ("") that highlights Silver Miller co-founder David Silver & # 39; s pioneering work and explained how David Silver initiated a legal revolution by citing cryptocurrency companies. The article also discusses the new path of cases of Silver Miller against AT & T, T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless for the complicity of wireless carriers in the theft of millions of dollars of cryptocurrency by smartphone users who have illegally transferred their mobile service in the hands of hackers.

For more information on the lawsuit – or if you have been involved in an investment scam – contact David Silver to .

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