Show your love for One Piece on your car license plate


One Piece fans are pretty creative when it comes to show your love for anime, from fascinating cosplay that transcends time to illustrations that could be an official part of the anime. However, some fanarts go beyond the level of imagination and tend to be as flashy as possible.

This is the case with this follower and lover of the series, who has decided to name one of their plaques as the Straw Hat Pirate Team.

A car has One Piece’s name on one of its license plates

When it comes to crazy and weird stuff, fanarts are the first to come out. And this Reddit user shared a photo of one of the things you can see on a common day walking the streets. It’s a plate with a very particular writing on the back of the car.

Someone is a OnePiece One Piece fan

Among the letters that can be seen is written “HT STRAW”, what it could mean “Straw hat”, this is the Anglo-Saxon name of Straw Hat Pirates, better known as “Straw Hat Crew”. Without a doubt, the owner of that car is a true fan of anime.

Would you dare to do something like that?

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