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Shot to Nicolás Maduro: chavista threatens to become independent

the governor of the rich state of Zulia (west), the chavista Omar Prieto, assured this Saturday that it would proclaim the independence of its entity if a "transitional government" was installed in Venezuela, sponsored by an armed invasion.

"We must continue to bridge the possibility gap (…) that after an invasion (…) install a government installed by the imperial forces, and that transitional government with the constitution of Zulia, through articles 1,2 and 5, declares the independent Republic of Zulia, "Prieto said in the political forum in the city of Maracaibo, capital of the state.

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the Zulia state, on the border with Colombia, is a rich region that is home to large oil fields, as well as gold and diamonds, Prieto said this Friday.

"We must be clear that if there will be an invasion of the empire (United States) will be from Paraguachón, and we will be the wall of support ", he added.

The statements of the Zulian governor appear in the middle of the new political polemic in Venezuela, opened when the Parliament, which controls the opposition, ignored the legitimacy of the new mandate that Nicolás Maduro swore 8 days ago.

the The Chavista leader easily won the last presidential election, branded at the time as "fraudulent" and boycotted by the bulk of anti-Semitism.

For this reason, the The Organization of American States (OAS) and the European Union do not recognize the legitimacy of their second term, which will keep him in charge, at least, until 2025.

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In this sense, there are many appeals to the head of the House, Juan Guaidó, who assumes the powers of the Presidency, covered by Several articles of the Constitution that grant these functions to the head of the Legislative Power before the eventual "absolute lack" of the president.

But the opposition declared the same day that it will not succumb to the "pressure" and will follow a "way" already established to take charge of the first judiciary, reiterating that it considers Maduro "usurps" the Presidency.

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