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Shopify & CoinPayments Partner for Cryptocurrenccy Payment at the payment counter


In a move that seems very focused on the use of cryptocurrency for e-commerce, the cryptographic broker of Vancouver, CoinPayments announces an agreement concluded with one of the most important online trading platforms of America, Shopify . With CoinPayments' secure and adaptive payment system, Shopify hopes to combine leading technology to bridge the gap between legacy payment solutions and decentralized platforms.

In a tweet sent through the official CoinPayments platform, CEO Alexander takes time to imply more details on the partnership with the alliance, allowing Shopify to now accept over three hundred cryptocurrencies in exchange for products and services. Ultimately, the announcement of CoinPayment brings the much needed enthusiasm for cryptocurrencies, with a particular emphasis on the number of companies that Shopify's controls are well over 600,000.

Here are the relevant tweets from CoinPayments

"CoinPayments has partnered with Shopify, allowing merchants to accept over 300 cryptocurrencies for sale of goods.The @Shopify training is now active and any shop can easily integrate CoinPayments as a remuneration option.

Should the Shopify and CoinPayments alliance be aroused?

With Shopify serving as a multi-channel shopping platform for online stores, CoinPayments' integration will work to ensure a seamless global system for processing cryptographic payments and ultimately improving e-commerce. Finally, here is more about the potential of the combination

  • Shopify already provides over 100 payment gateways to accept payments and to integrate CoinPayments adds only the legitimacy and global acceptance of bitcoins and altcoins
  • With Shopify, which has more than 600,000 companies using its e-commerce service, combining the CoinPayments function could surely push Shopify to become a global leader in e-commerce
  • Shopify offers features that help manage and run the e-commerce store while the inclusion of CoinPayments remains on a pure payment or transactional basis.

Accept cryptographic payments in Shopify stores?

It is evident that the integration of Shopify and CoinPayments is generating a lot of enthusiasm that most enthusiasts have thrilled at the thought of development. However, Shopify is not the first of its good milestone as there is a significant number of commercial platforms already using Crypto for online retailing.

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