Shocking! Leandro publishes the video of the attacks – Nacional


Years after being accused of violence by the ex-wife and mother of his eldest son, Sury Cunha, Leandro is again involved in another assault case. This time, the singer is accused of assaulting a woman inside the beauty salon of the current partner, Doina Stratulat. As soon as the case was reported, Leandro was quick to provide explanations through a video on his social networks. “I shouldn’t, I’m not afraid! A situation that actually happened in my shop, but now it is handed over to the relevant authorities who will deal with the matter in the appropriate places.

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Subsequently, the singer shared a video of the event. In the caption he wrote: “I’m sick of this shit. Look at some pictures of the assaults they say they did! Where did I attack someone? These people went there for that. I’m trying to steal my purse. Look! Listen to my desperate son, my wife … The lawyer will present the rest in court. ”

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