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Shapeshift Releases CoinCap.io, A Revamped Price Tracker

Trading cryptocurrencies are easy but identifying arbitrage opportunities is difficult to change across the globe. Prices of cryptocurrencies vary across these exchanges making it difficult for the trader to decide where to buy.

The market sentiment before one with multiple exchanges and the volatility that still exists in the crypto market buys cryptocurrencies. I'm looking forward to investing in ICO's, a wealth multiplier for investors, which is a time-consuming task for investors as the most exciting future prospects.

With so much of complexity, an investor has to keep a tab on multiple cryptocurrency exchanges and apps to ensure the investment leads to maximum profit. Digital currency price aggregators and trackers to solve this hurdle.

To explain in simple terms, to the cryptocurrency price tracker, to the investor at one place so that he can view it at a glance. As the craze for cryptocurrency picked up, a lot of price aggregator and trackers emerged providing a variety of services to make the investor 'trade ready'.

The cryptocurrencies track record, while some other data are available. The price and promptness of these price aggregators have been shown in capturing prices as a significant impact on the decision of the investor.

Hence investors started searching for a tracker that was updated constantly and regularly. This is the timely assessment of demand and the variety of services that the investor asked for.

Enter the Voorhees Price Tracker

CoinCap is a cryptocurrency price tracker and aggregator platform and product of Shapeshift. Although the platform has been in the circuit for a while, ShapeShift has been upgraded to the platform.

The company has completely revamped its service offering of the platform, improving the user interface and the design, and massively improving the transparency and data reliability with the enhanced real-time cryptocurrency market data. The company does not charge any fees for these functionalities, services and the platform as a whole.

The all-new CoinCap now offers real-time market data for cryptocurrencies and tokens, providing a comprehensive platform that will help users stay informed and updated on the latest market activity.

24-hour coin prices and exchange volumes, a 24-hour coin market and a digital market. The leading global exchanges know that the traders, investors, enthusiasts as well as observers can stay updated whenever and wherever they require.

CoinCap.Io Improved Features

The company has not just been upgraded, but it has been added to a variety of features that make the platform stand out. These includes

  • Best in real-time price and marketing changes.
  • The platform separately portrays exchange pair and volume listing allowing users to observe and assimilate the industry at a glance.
  • There is a separate section called the "Trading View" which provides granular candlesticks charts that allow users to apply for technical analysis and know-how by investigating the market trends.
  • The new API is comprehensive and provides a variety of outcomes such as rates, exchanges, market information and candlesticks providing a complete analysis offering.
  • The company has added timestamps to the data feed making it easy for the user to identify the freshness of data
  • The platform is available on the Desktop, the App Store for iOS and the Google Play Store for Android devices. The user interface across devices has a user-friendly design for effortless viewing across devices
  • The platform does not feature any ads, thus giving a very clean and neat interface
  • The platform also has dark mode capabilities which makes viewing easier.

The CoinCap USP

CoinCap truly believes in providing crypto-based information for investors anytime and anywhere. This is the reason the company has released its mobile app. Not just that, the Apps are loaded with features that are currently not available on the Web version of the platform. The main features that make the CoinCap app really powerful are listed below:

  • Alert Manager: allows users to create alerts which appear as push notifications for price changes or daily, weekly or monthly updates.
  • Portfolio: a portfolio of digital assets to manage their digital asset holdings and track their price performance and value anytime the user desires.
  • The app allows users to see the rankings and ratings of the digital coins and tokens by the market cap or trade volume.
  • The app provides real-time updates as money token prices rise and fall which continuously flickers depicting changes.
  • As the platform is supported by ShapeShift, it provides a full integration of native app connectivity.
  • Entry code. From the app to buy and sell coin and tokens.

shapeshift is a Switzerland based company that provides a global platform for trading various digital coins and tokens by way of web and mobile platforms. Even though the company is in Switzerland, its major operations and decisions are taken from Denver in the United States.

Can CoinCap compete with the existing pricing trackers in the market? Share your views in the comments section.

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