Set 2018 Gains XRP Bulls

  • The price of the ripple is negotiated by September 2018 with a high and bullish minimum
  • The Circle leadership would have convinced the encrypted rating to rise.
  • Bring high trading volumes, XRP prices will probably find support at 30 cents

Although losses were market-based, XRP is resilient, absorbing sales shocks and climbing above ETH for the first time in 2019. Even with this status of safe haven, we expect the XRP slides against USD at 30 cents.

Price analysis of undulations

The ability of XRP to absorb shocks may be the reason why money is in second place. The XRP, despite its specific use as a cross-border liquidity instrument for banks, is stable in the last hour. XRP prices are exchanged above 30 cents. Although yesterday's sellers have rammed their prices below their 34 cents first support, our bullish overview is valid. The only time, as reiterated in the last XRP / USD price analysis, will we return to bearish if asset prices fall below 30 cents.


David Schwartz and the XRP Royal Army may have a field day thanks to the debacle of Ethereum Classic, but the scoreboard conveys mixed signals. According to the expressions of Charlie Lee, the tests of the work networks are true representations of decentralization. He goes on to say that the real decentralization paves the way for the attackers to launch more double spending attacks, if the total network hash is low. This acclamation is all against what David Schwartz stands for: speed and security.

Even with higher throughput, Ripple and other systems that use evidence of job alternatives do not have the power to dislodge value-added coins like long-term Bitcoin. Even if the gap widens, the encrypted market as a whole will expand with the increase in adoption more consistently if more products are built that will allow an encrypted payment without interruption with the instruction . Rachel Mayer, Product Manager at Circle Pay and Circle Invest, said in a recent AMD Reddit session:

"We need BUIDL to improve consumer products that look like apps that are native to the Internet so that we can use cryptography without problems (outside of speculative investments)." Finally, it is our responsibility to continue educating not only regulators but yours. friends, family and absences on why blockchain technology is here to stay and the value that will unlock for them and for the rest of the world. "

Candlestick arrangement


Cementing our bullish position is the failure of bears to cancel the earnings of September 2018. Before this happens, our commercial position will remain constant. Technically, every minimum should be another buying opportunity with ideal goals at 80 cents. Meanwhile, traders should shift their XRP stock into stable or fiat currencies depending on their preferred trade. Once the prices will find support at December 2018 low at 30 cents, then we can liquidate them for XRP.

Technical indicators

Although we are rising sharply, yesterday's declines have been pushed by volumes above average – 83 million against 30 million. Based on our volume analysis, this is bearish. This interpretation will be maintained unless there is a counter-thrust trend, supported by high volumes of over 83 million. For this reason, the probabilities of XRP go down to 30 cents in the next two days.

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