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06 September 2018 22:55 UTC

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This edition presents the popular Ripple $ XRP price views from @Coin_Report @investingcom & @NewsBTC. Or go directly to today's $ Ripple XRP forecast.


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iBankCrypto by @Coin_Report discerns "The XRP price is seriously underestimated at this time, with the current market turbulence caused by a massive Bitcoin landfill (BTC) and all other digital assets in encrypted markets, our preferred remittance currency is now valued at $ 0.28 and looks at levels below 25 cents For those who are experienced investors, this is the best time to buy XRP extra.As they say, buy when there are fear and capitulation. "

Published: September 6, 2018 ~ 1: 40pm


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Automatic Signal of notes @investingcom "XRP / USD Poloniex technical analysis> DAILY>

Abstract: Strong Sale
Moving Averages: Strong Selling Buy (0) Sell (12)
Technical Indicators: Buy Sell Strong (1) Sell (9) "

Published: 06 September 18:24 : 21 – Real-time data


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Aayush Jindal of @NewsBTC observes "The price of the swings has declined sharply and broke the $ 0.3200 and $ 0.3000 support against the US dollar [and] The price of the ripple has fallen heavily compared to the US dollar and Bitcoin. The XRP / USD is currently correcting higher, but the best prices could be limited to about $ 0.3000 "

Published: September 6, 2018 | 7:00 am

Ripple $ XRP Forecast [19659020] Thursday 06 September 2018 22:55 UTC [19659021] bullish “/>  bearish   bearish

The cryptic say: "bullish / bearish / bearish /" .

Our experts are bullish and bearish.

Our upside vision is a well thought out view of an industry veteran "Now focused on the markets of full-time cryptocurrencies" . There is growing evidence that the industrial buzz and the media have the most significant influence on the encrypted price. iBankCrypto offers a perspicacious and complete vision – and bullish dissent – fundamental. Definitely worth reading.

@investingcom proclaims a strongly bearish vision. Note that their data set is Poloniex. According to, Poloniex is in twentieth place in the $ XRP market share. Today this is only 1.19% of the market. Bitbank (16.93%) and Binance (13.16% of two couples) are the market leaders. @investingcom can get a more reliable analysis using a more representative data set.

Bearish opinions are illustrated by @NewsBTC who are the undisputed leaders of the cryptic sector in the analysis of the prices of digital goods at a single point of view.

Binance $ XRP / USDT
2018-09-06 16:05:01
Last price $ 0.303900
24 h Change 0,01501 + 5.19%
24 h High 0.30700
24 hours Low 0.26760
24 hours Volume 20.855.442.20 USDT

[legal disclaimer] Only one news report can invalidate a technical analysis.


The author does not maintain Ripple $ XRP at the time of writing.

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