Serious security developments in the Gulf require a firm Arab and international position


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The dott. Meshaal bin Fahm al-Salmi, spokesman for the Arab parliament, warned of the serious challenges facing our Arab nation and the serious developments in the region that require a unified Arab strategy to address the colonial ambitions and acts of aggression of regional states, that they have reached to support and carry out terrorist operations aimed at hitting vital economic structures. Within the Arab countries and civilian civilian ships in the territorial waters of the Arab countries, with the aim of destabilizing security and stability in the Arab region, the growth of terrorism and violent extremism, the Expansion of terrorist groups and the formation of armed militias within the Arab countries. Its danger has far surpassed all its implications for Arab national security and the unity of Arab societies.

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This happened in his speech before a symposium "Towards building a unified Arab strategy to deal with neighboring geographic countries" held yesterday at the headquarters of the Arab League in the presence of Ahmed Aboul Gheit, general secretary of the Arab League.

He said: "We are facing a delicate phase in the history of our Arab nation, which requires freedom from the sectarian, sectarian and intellectual dependence of regional states whose interference in Arab affairs has reached an unprecedented level through employment direct Arab lands and the imposition of their intellectual, sectarian policies and attitudes on Arab countries and societies. "

He added: "The Arab project has been absent in exchange for the growth of aggressive projects of regional and foreign countries, and therefore we urgently need an Arab project that safeguards Arab constants and defends Arab sovereignty and preserves Arab national security and turn to regional and foreign interventions in Arab affairs, and perhaps one of the most important manifestations of the Arab project a unified Arab strategy to deal with Arab geographical neighbors ".

He stressed that this important symposium takes place as one of the most important recommendations of the "Arab document to strengthen solidarity and face challenges", which was prepared by the Arab Parliament through a selection of high level Arab leaders and discussed and adopted in the session of the Arab Parliament held in February, as part of the completion of its initiatives Addressing the main and strategic issues of the Arab nation and confronting colonial ambitions, aggressive projects and regional threats, with integrated Arab strategies, uniting Arab positions and efforts and constituting a major impediment to counteract sabotage, destruction and sedimentation projects aimed at spreading terrorism. Chaos and lack of security in Arab countries and to stir up interrelations between the Arab countries and the children of a society.

He pointed out that the recent serious security developments in the Persian Gulf region, which included terrorist attacks against two oil pumping stations in Saudi Arabia, aimed to threaten global energy supply and influence prices, as well as to hit ships trade in the territorial waters of the United Arab Emirates and the Gulf of Oman to interrupt the routes. International navigation in the Gulf of Oman and the Arabian Gulf, which required the convening of two emergency Gulfs and Arab leadership in Mecca at the invitation of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, Salman bin Abdulaziz, requires a firm Arab and international position to deal with acts and terrorist operations. Subversion supported by some regional states and held responsible and criminalized under international law.

He added that these developments underline the importance of a unified Arab strategy to address these serious challenges of neighboring countries, with the goal of preserving our countries, tackling foreign and regional interference in our Arab affairs, safeguarding the our Arab national security, which is an integral part of the Gulf Ocean, and provide effective solutions to ensure we do not allow interference in the internal affairs of Arab countries, undermine their sovereignty and aim for their safety and exposure to their interests.

The Arab parliament aims to organize this important symposium, in which important Arab elite ministers, parliamentarians, politicians, experts and professors of political sciences participate, as well as the presence of heads of political affairs and international relations commissions in Arab councils and parliaments of political science departments in different Arab universities and to provide working papers and visions, bases, objectives and provisions of the Arab strategy to deal with neighboring countries in order to build a unified Arab position to deal with neighboring countries.

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