SendFriend with xRapid to start the payment service by the 1st quarter of 2019


SendFriend announced its partnership with Ripple at the end of November 2018 and yesterday, January 8, 2019, confirmed to go live with xRapid by the first quarter of 2019. xRapid a product of Ripple Inc that uses the XRP cryptocurrency to improve, accelerate cross-border transfer service funds for banks and financial institutions.

Ripple Technology to provide better service – David Lighton

SendFriend has revealed the announcement that it has hit the xRapid payment service on its existing financial system via a video. The video highlights the existing banking system that is often costly and inefficient, as a result, David Lighton, founder of SendFriend, said he was confident about Ripple's technology to offer a better experience to its users. First, SendFriend is a financial services company that specifically helps Filipino workers for their international remittance services. Nevertheless, the company believes that Filipino workers abroad pay the money transfer premium, which is also risky and inefficient. From now on, he said that "the payment service on blockchain" can be in real time, quick and smooth within six seconds.

Ripple exceeds 200 customers worldwide

As reported by ripplecoinnews, Ripple has reached the milestone of 200 customers for its latest product, RippleNet. As such, he also mentioned the agreement of 13 banks that have already joined the company's payment network. SendFriend is also an important name among the 13 banks that Ripple has added. The official Ripple blog also highlights how excited David Lighton is to adopt Ripple technology. The statuition reads it as a character;

"The current banking system is slow, inefficient and expensive, and SendFriend was founded at MIT with the conviction that there must be a better way to send payments and we are excited to work with Ripple to do just that. partnership, we are bringing our customers a new generation blockchain payment solution that leverages XRP to solve many of the problems of efficiency and equity with existing remittances, which means cheaper and faster payments for them. "

Although Q1 is what SendFriend is committing, the specific date is still far from sight. Furthermore, the announcement created a sense of excitement among Ripple enthusiasts on social media. In addition, many of these users believe that the efficient payment service for Filipino employees superintendents with the launch of Ripple technology.

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