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Security and Systemic Risk are Top Highlights of the 2018 Stanford Blockchain Conference

security and risk

The 2019 Stanford blockchain Conference is set to happen from January 30 to February 1 and the convention is reuniting experts to talk about the future of the industry. Security and the "systemic risks" of cryptos will be the main subject this year.

Stanford to be interested in the blockchain technology. The main focus will be on a wide range of issues, but the main focus will be on the theme of the event: security and risk.

According to the press release, the event will be led by Stanford professors. Companies that will bring people will be many. Some of them are ConsenSys, Blockstream and Polychain Capital.

This is an important company that will bring in representatives is Interstellar, which is a Stellar-focused startup company and Chainspace, a company that created a new smart contracts platform.

This Will Be the Third Conference

The 2019 Stanford Blockchain Conference is far from being a new initiative. The first episode came out in 2017 when the blockchain technology was only starting to blossom. Since then, the second edition was made this year and now the third one is set to happen in 2019.

According to the information technology, we are able to analyze the systemic risks and to use the system.

"Multidisciplinary collaboration" was also presented as one of the main themes of the 2019 version of the blockchain event. Its distribution systems and risk management for companies.

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Stanford And The Blockchain Technology

One would be wrong to assume that Stanford's relationship with the block could be summarized as this event. The university has created blockchain courses last year and has also been open to a dedicated blockchain research center.

Also, there are rumors that Stanford has invested in crypto funds from the United States, though these rumors are unconfirmed.

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