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Secure Blockchain Digital Payment System?


What is GlobaliPay?

GlobaliPAy is a payment solution that is powered by the standard ERC20 smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain. The GIP ERC20 coin is a digital currency, which is quite advanced compared to fiat payment solutions.

The GIP currency is the Global Wallet that will offer an immutable and secure payment network that is global in nature. Proof of the betting verification process is a solution that will guarantee the network while ensuring that there are no excessive mining activities.

Global FeaturesPay

A decentralized app

The GIP payment solution will come with an app that allows you to perform peer-to-peer transactions. Beyond that, it will work like a crypto exchange. Regulators will be updated on in-app activity, user data will remain uncompromised.

GIP wallet

The portfolio is a secure portfolio that is protected by encryption, which can be used for token transfers and cryptographic exchange. This portfolio will support the largest cryptographic coins. There will be solid payment solutions for companies and individuals.

Token GIP

This token is the lifeline on which the payment solution will be executed. The token that meets the ERC20 standard will make an operation and transactional queries smoothly. For example, there will be a balance of tokens to certain addresses, approval of token transfer, token transfer, and total token provision.

Difference between GlobalPay and Bitcoin

GlobaliPAy will use the standard ERC0 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. Unlike Bitcoin, Ethereum is not just a currency but also an environment, which will ensure easy scalability with minimal computing power.

There will be no monopolization and the platform will be free of attacks. Beyond that, transaction costs will also be minimal with controlled mining. There is no authorization required to make payments. The GIP Wallet will be based on a push model instead of the traditional authorization and pull method.

The objectives of the GlobaliPay solution

One of the goals is to ensure that Coin and other encrypted GIPs are accepted for online transactions. It will use the security and scalability of the ERC20 blockchain to develop a robust payment network that will not be paralyzed by miners' monopolization. The other objective is to develop a true digital coin payment system that will facilitate the seamless transfer of funds.

With ICO, GIP will aim to be a key digital payment solution powered by encryption. GlobaliPay wants to make sure that they eliminate the traditional intermediaries that charge huge taxes. The existing payment system is also quite risky and is subject to frequent attacks.

ICO details for GIP GlobaliPay tokens

Parameters of ICO

  • Ticker: GIP
  • Pre-ICO: 20 May 2018 – 28 June 2018
  • Tokens sold for Pre-ICO sale: 15%
  • Pre-ICO price: $ 0.03 USD
  • ICO: 30 June 2018 – TBA
  • ICO sale: 18%
  • ICO price: $ 0.05 USD
  • Bonus program: Yes
  • Minimum purchase: $ 100 USD

Conclusion GlobaliPay

One reason to trust this project is that it is powered by the Ethereum blockchain. If a transaction is not executed, the loss of money is impossible. All funds are immediately restored, thanks to smart contracts.

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