Schlager: Florian Silbereisen in a special show by Helene Fischer: Report indicated for a long time


It’s a big bang in the Schlager world: Florian Silbereisen has dedicated a new TV show to his ex girlfriend Helene Fischer and has become very excited.

  • The MDR aired a new hit show.
  • Florian Silbereisen reviewed Helene Fischer’s career.
  • Memories of past times have come back to life.

Update from November 14, 3:31 pm: Ten years have passed Helene Fischer is Florian Silbereisen the dream couple of the German Schlager scene. Even before they got together in 2008, there were always moments that predicted their future romance they indicated. This becomes especially clear when Silbereisen airs a special anniversary broadcast on Friday in honor of his ex-girlfriend. Because she thinks back to Helene’s early career and therefore to that too first meeting of the two in 2005.

Then he and the famous team Festive shows Looking for a new singer and decided on the young Helene. His first appearance on television was a duet with King Schlager himself – deep looks and a welcoming dance performance included. Did the first sparks go off here? In any case, Florian seems to be particularly happy with one thing to date: after the performance, Helene “has finally at least some it was Nettes he said about me, “he explains on the show. The blonde had him backstage like “really amazing” described.

Also in 2006 there was a romantic, yes, almost tale, Moment between the two Schlager stars. In one show, Helene was wearing such a tight dress that she was unable to leave the sleigh that she and Florian had pulled alone. Then Silbereisen grabbed the gentleman spirit and he lifted Helene from the sled. Years later, the scene may seem a little weird, but Florian Silbereisen still seems to feel the magic. “I was allowed to carry it on my hands for the first time,” he enthuses today. They were the messengers of one great love! Just like their joint musical appearances two years later. Many fans are still hoping for a return for the couple.

Florian Silbereisen recalls a special moment with Helene – “I get goosebumps”

Update from November 14, 8.23 ​​am: It was a moment that Florian Silbereisen until today. In November 2019, his ex-girlfriend surprised him Helene Fischer in front of thousands of people in a successful show. “I’ll be back right away goose bumps“He says a year later when he remembers it. Schlager-König drove one on Friday MDRTransmission specially produced in honor of Helene Fischer. For about 90 minutes, Silbereisen reviewed the highlights of Fischer’s career. That was one of them successful surprise from 2019.

At that time Florian Silbereisen celebrated the “boom of success” in Westfalenhalle the 25th anniversary of his party shows – and suddenly Helene Fischer was on stage to surprise him on this special occasion. The tears flowed. The pop singer had previously suspected nothing of the surprise appearance and only one thanks to the announcer’s suggestions Suspected had. “We couldn’t believe it yet, but slowly we realized it could be a specific person“He said Friday in MDR. From your goodbye the former lovers fell into each other’s arms, the emotion could be seen in both. Today Silbereisen knows it: “That was a moment that I certainly did it will never be forgotten. “

Florian Silbereisen with a shocking statement before the hit show about Helene Fischer

First report of 11 November, 4:29 pm: Munich – It was a great sensation in Bat-World! On Friday evening (November 13) a new show will flicker Florian Silbereisen I am MDR on the screens. The special thing: this time the presenter gives her ex-girlfriend as a gift Helene Fischer an entire broadcast.

Silbereisen congratulates Helene Fischer – confusion about the hit show

Only recently has there actually been the great “Hit anniversary“In the ARD. Here too the subtitle was: “Congratulations from Silbereisen”. Even then, a somewhat surprising rumor appeared on the MDR TV show. “Congratulations from Silbereisen: Congratulations …” read there. The assumption was therefore that the public broadcaster would broadcast a repeat of the ARD show. But far from it. Last Friday the MDR dropped the bomb: Florian Silbereisen congratulates Helene Fischer.

Even before ARD’s “successful anniversary” it was speculated that Helene Fischer would also appear on the show – she didn’t. Now it is also clear why: Helene is about to have her own silver travel show. But what are congratulations for? For Helene Fischer’s 15th television anniversary, it is said from the pages of MDR. Because in 2005, Helene had her first TV appearance at the wedding party.

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CELEBRATE GOOD TIMES 🎉 My eighth golden hen! Crazy! The “Helene Fischer Show” has been around since 2011 and my heart is bleeding that there won’t be a great show this year, because after all we would have had a good reason to put together the most spectacular show for you and I would certainly be proud of it. with you who celebrated my 10th anniversary! I don’t have to tell you here that current circumstances do not allow for such a great show to be made with acts of all kinds we are used to. But I would like to let you know how happy I was about last night’s award because I could once again feel that you appreciate the meticulousness and attention to detail with which we treat this show. So once again “Thank you” for this award and for your unwavering positive energy towards me. These are not easy times for anyone, but hold on and be thankful for what you have! Stay strong, take care of each other and most importantly stay healthy! Your Helene PS.: I am always surprised how well the media knows about me and how they are always and exclusively there. Madness! And don’t forget: Thanks to my 5 “bodyguards” yesterday😄: @saschagaugel + @kallehildinger (styling), Oliver Heidemann (ZDF), Werner Kimmig (Kimmig Entertainment) and Uwe Kanthak (manager) … 🤦🏼‍♀️ Here you really just grab your head! And thank you, my dear @ floriansilbereisen.official, for leaving the “extra” room just to stay with us a little longer. It was a very, very nice evening, kisses 💋 and to you too: Congratulations on the golden hen!

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Silbereisen congratulates Helene Fischer: TV revenge for emotional surprise

At first it seems a bit far-fetched to turn it into your TV show. But in the world of hits and especially in the case of Helene Fischer, it is less surprising. The fans are very happy. After all, Queen Schlager had retreated somewhat after she separated from Florian Silbereisen with her new friend Thomas Seitel.

But with the Golden Hen appearance and a (Wow!) Instagram post, he finally spoke again. The first major television appearance now follows in a hit show – among all things in one by Florian Silbereisen? Fans still remember the great emotions experienced when Helene surprised her ex on the show “Schlagerbooom”. It was the first reunion on TV since the breakup. The tears flowed.

Silbereisen congratulates a new hit show: does Helene Fischer appear?

For this very action, Silbereisen wants to return the favor – with the new program, as reported by the MDR. But the big question is now: Will Helene Fischer also appear on the show? And it might even feature a new song. Because he’s working on leaked songs from an insider.

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Tonight at 8:15 pm in the MDR: THE SUMMER’S HITCHS – THE NIGHT OF THE FAIRY TALE CASTLE @Beatrice_egli_offiziell, @ reim.matthias, @utefreudenberg, Die Amigos, @ramonroselly_official, @bernhardbrinkberlin, @thomasanders_official, @ sarymellax3 .de, @ben_zucker_musik and,

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Florian Silbereisen himself reveals the program to the MDR: “We have secretly produced a very personal show full of memories, because it should be a surprise for all the spectators and obviously also for Helene”. But then comes the phrase that many fans Dreams in a TV appearance of your idol might crush: “I hope you watch and take us all on a journey through time! Then we will be able to relive many unforgettable and special moments of 15 years together “, says Florian Silbereisen.

Florian Silbereisen’s statement about Helene Fischer shocks fans: she’s probably not there

It appears that the MDR is actually producing a television show about Helene Fischer in which the singer herself is not a guest. A statement that will shock all those who had hoped to see us again. On the other hand, it wouldn’t be the first time Silbereisen has left fans in the dark before its shows and then completely surprised them.

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