Scheme MLM AladinCoin Cryptocurrency with Havana Coin Reboot?

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<h2>  What Is Akyoh? </h2>
<p><strong>  Akyoh </strong> describes itself as a" technology investment company based in Cyprus (EU). "Although the company claims to have commercial operations in Cyprus, it does not provide any other evidence of such transactions. In addition, Cyprus appears to be a hot spot for MLM companies due to lack of regulation. Companies tend to incorporate into Cyprus when they do not have a another legitimate method of incorporating oneself into a different jurisdiction. </p>
<p>  As for Akoyh, Christian Lipovec is referred to as the president of the company Until recently, he promoted AladinCoin, an alleged ponzi scheme. </p>
<p>  In March 2017 , Lipovec published on Facebook, [19659006] "After a few days in the company on his return to Austria, it was really impressive to see how everyone grows in Aladin Capital!" </p>
<p>  Before venturing into his role at AladinCapital, Lipovec was a 39, Lyoness affiliate, although it seems to be doing a lot of its work outside Austria, it seems a bit strange, considering that <em> Akyoh </em> was promoted throughout Vietnam. </p>
<p>  Alexa, a statistical tool, estimates that Vietnam represents 96% of the traffic on the Akyoh website. Those who visit the website are informed that the company will hold a "grand opening" in Cambodia in September 2018. </p>
<h3>  Akyoh AladinCoin MLM Scheme Products </h3>
<p>  Akyoh does not identify any product or service and affiliates are only able to market the same members. Affiliates become part of the compensation plan and invest funds for the promise of an advertised ROI and the structure includes a Basic Trader, a Pro Merchant and an Expert Dealer. There are also investments in packages, each with a specific rate of return. The rate of return increases depending on the package you choose. </p>
<p>  Package options include Basic package, Premium package, Pro package, Pro + package, Pro X2 package and VIP package. The platform suggests in its marketing material that the ROI of the package is paid in 6 months. In addition, Akyoh only accepts bitcoins or a combination of bitcoins and havana altcoins. </p>
<h3>  Akyoh Referral Commissions </h3>
<p>  Akyoh also pays referral commissions and if an affiliate receives this commission, it depends on the package in which he has invested. Basic package, Premium package, Pro + package, Pro X2 package and VIP package. The basic package requires 5% at level 1, while the VIP requires 10% at level 1. </p>
<h3>  Akyoh Rank Bonus </h3>
<p>  Akoyh also offers rank based bonuses. Those interested in learning about Grado Bonus products must first learn Vietnamese, as it is the only language in which the material is contained on the site. By using the translation services, it can be obtained that the platform declares that a 5% bonus can be paid for a few months, a further percentage will be paid on the personally hired downline investment and a three percent bonus survey. </p>
<h2>  Akyoh Conclusion </h2>
<p>  Overall, those interested in joining the platform can do it for free – but those who want to become affiliated members have to invest $ 180. A big problem with the platform system is that AladinCoin has collapsed, as a result it seems that Akyoh is trying to restart using Vietnamese investors. </p>
<p>  In addition, the investment package is very similar to AladinCoin and has incorporated the currency also Avana. The Avana coin is an ERC20 coin token that is not traded publicly. It is likely that trade has been established as AladinCoin / Akyoh, which means that they are internal exchanges without any use outside the affiliated companies. </p>
<p>  In addition, Akyoh claims to have a trading bot, as explained </p>
<p>  "Akyoh Trading Artificial Intelligent (ATAI) is the most advanced and revolutionary trading robot.ATAI presents a wide range of settings and specifications designed for both beginners that for advanced traders. "</p>
<p>  It is interesting to note that there is no evidence of the existence of the trading bot or that it is used to generate revenue from the affiliate ROI. </p>
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