Scarlet Nexus reveals new gameplay to introduce Kasane


On a day of celebration, several publishers wanted to share the joy of the Xbox community with updates and information on the games that will reach them. And one of those who attended is Bandai Namco, who wanted to share new information about their Scarlet Nexus project. Indeed, Scarlet Nexus reveals new gameplay to introduce Kasane Randall.

But that’s not all, information is also offered on his arrival to the new generation. As we said, during the Xbox launch celebratory event, they connected with Bandai Namco to expose new details of their jRPG, Scarlet Nexus, offering new gameplay.

Thanks to Twinfinite for offering this excerpt from a long life in which they conducted interviews with developers and publishers, as well as showing gameplay and game trailers that will arrive on both Xbox One and new ones. Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. Scarlet Nexus unveils a new gameplay to introduce Kasane Randall, where other aspects such as the basis of operations or the relationships that can be established between the characters were also addressed.

Improve relationships with colleagues Scarlet Nexus It grants some bonuses to the player, so that around the action that takes place, it can be interesting to evaluate these benefits to face the intense fighting that takes place. It was also possible to see new information on options such as character customization. But all this in a somewhat superficial way, because we tried to show as much as possible in a relatively short time.

Scarlet Nexus unveils new gameplay to introduce Kasane 2

since White connections still has a long way to go before its release, we can anticipate that they will fall into some of these features that have been anticipated in this video. In fact, when we refer to that long road, we mean Bandai Namco hasn’t yet specified an official release date for Scarlet Nexus, knowing only that it will arrive on the Xbox console and Playstation, as well as PC.

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