Say goodbye to Farmville. The game will disappear from Facebook on January 1, 2021


If you weren’t playing Farmville on Facebook, you definitely had friends who did. And they sent you guests who would help them in their life as a virtual farmer.

Well, the popular game will disappear from Facebook. Like all other games that use Adobe Flash. Since Farmville does not have a standalone mobile app, the game will disappear.

Farmville has been around for 11 years and users have until November 19th to make various in-game purchases. Starting December 31, Farmville will disappear. This has been confirmed by the game’s producer, Zynga.

“Zynga has confirmed that it will close Farmville. Facebook announced in June that it will close Flash-addicted games on December 31. And Farmville works with Flash. At one point, the Farmville game had the most active Facebook users.” said Tom Merritt, a tech reporter.

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