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Saved in Colombia a girl kidnapped in Aragua

The Colombian authorities have saved a 4-year-old Venezuelan girl who was kidnapped on January 1 in the state of Aragua in the city of Cali, official sources said.

"In the last hours the army, the police and the Colombian prosecutor's office managed to save Davianyerlin Gabriela Rodríguez Baamont, 4 years old, kidnapped in the state of Aragua, in Venezuela, and saved in Cali", the Minister of Defense indicated on Twitter, Guillermo Botero.

The operation to locate the child began after the girl's father reported in the Colombian department of Magdalena, in the north of the country, that her daughter was kidnapped in Venezuela on 1 January.

After several days of investigation, the authorities located a house in the Cali neighborhood in October 12, where Davianyerlin Gabriela remained, who apparently was kidnapped by her mother's emotional partner.

According to the information provided by the complainant, the minor was under the responsibility of his mother, who resides in the state of Aragua, in the neighboring country, "Colonel Marco Antonio Castillo, second commander of the Third Army Brigade.

After his recovery, the girl was left at the disposal of the Colombian Family Welfare Institute (ICFB), where her rights will be restored.

For his part, the rescue of Rodriguez could not find the capture of the kidnapper, but the army said it will perform an operation to identify it as soon as possible. Also, investigate the complicity of the mother.

It is not the first time that a Venezuelan child is kidnapped in our territory to be taken to Colombia. Last year there were several cases of Venezuelan children who were also rescued by Colombian police authorities.

According to the security spokesmen of the neighboring country, some children are taken across the border to be even negotiated with others further away, as in the case of Ecuador.

This is the case of an 18-month-old boy who, despite having entered legally in Colombia, was kidnapped in Cúcuta and subsequently rescued in a city of Ecuador.

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