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"Save" the character of the film's year

"Save" the character of the film's year

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The author and producer Mohamed Hafezee won the Arab Film Award, awarded by the Ark Film Center to the Hollywood Reporter, which will receive the award at the Berlin International Film Festival, which marks the fifth anniversary of the foundation of the Arab Film Center. For the first time in Berlin.

"Mohamed Hafezy is a rare example of filmmakers who change the cinema because of them, where they exist, for example, there is a wave of young filmmakers who have emerged thanks to their faith and opportunity," he said. Film analyst Alaa Karakouti, co-founder of the Arab Cinema Center. The Cairo International Film Festival, has been brought back to life thanks to the faith of the filmmakers inside and outside the Arab world for its own conservation. This result achieved in 2018 is exceptional in the process of Egyptian and Arab cinema and we are proud to present it to him. "

"It is a great honor for me to be honored by two prestigious international institutions such as the Arab Film Center and the Hollywood Reporter, 2018 was an outstanding year for me at a professional level and I consider this award as a motivation and inspiration to achieve ever larger goals ".

Last year, the Arab Cinema Personality and Hollywood Reporter presented the Arab Film Personality Award to Abdulhamid Gomaa, president of the Dubai International Film Festival, and Masoud Ammarallah Al Ali, artistic director of the festival. The award falls within the strategy of the Arab Film Center to promote the Arab film industry internationally, and support for Arab filmmakers: this year the Arab Cinema Center celebrates its fifth anniversary .

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