Save. Buy Bitcoin: Walmart presents $ 1 Chocolate Cryptocurrency

As investors were complaining about the bitcoin price suppression in 2018, the largest cryptocurrency quietly debuted in the US Walmart for only $ 1.

Bang For Your Buck

As more users of Reddit this week and the retail giant has become full of bitcoins for the "low daily price" of a dollar.

These coins, however, are made of chocolate.

Unusual merchandise is courtesy of Frankford, a Philadelphia-based candy manufacturer.

Although neither Frankford nor Walmart provided public commentary on the move behind the move, commentators have already started calling it as further evidence of Bitcoin's march in traditional consciousness.

Previously, Bitcoin's only connection to Walmart seemed to be an online store, on which it sold explanatory literature on cryptocurrency.

Potential investors can also use Walmart as an intermediary to purchase BTC through the company's Walmart2Walmart money transfer operation.

Becoming aware of the masses?

Outside of Bitcoin, meanwhile, Walmart was away from the sleeper. The last few years have seen a series of Blockchain patents emerge – with executives wishing to exploit technology in an attempt to simplify the supply chain and beyond.

As Bitcoinist reported in June, such a successful patent application could result in Walmart allowing customers to purchase energy using cryptocurrency.

However, chocolate coins mark an obvious target of a completely different market, namely children and families, a niche that remains largely untouched by consumer-oriented cryptocurrencies.

Andreas Antonopoulos, the well-known author and educator of cryptocurrency, also needed to carefully choose his words when a user recently asked him to explain Bitcoin to his mother in plain language.

As other commentators have noted, however, difficulties arise in public education when comparing bitcoins with physical currencies and the psychological obstacle of an intangible asset continues to present a challenge to adoption. This difference contributed to the sense of anticlimax in the cryptocurrency circles in July, when McDonald's revealed its in-house token, MacCoin.

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