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Sascha Bailey aims to modernize the art industry with a new blockchain game.

"Blockchain technology has the power to forever change the paradigm of the art market, moving the last tangible creative industry into the digital realm."

CEO of The Blockchain Art Exchange, Sascha Bailey

The Blockchain Art Exchange (BAE) stems from the desire to make the purchase and sale of works of art simple and accessible to all, benefiting both the artist and the buyer. The Blockchain Art Exchange stems from an idea of ​​the CEO, Sascha Bailey, an experienced Artist Manager, Art Dealer and Collector of Art with ten years of experience in the art industry.

First, Bailey became interested in the prospect of being involved in the arts at the age of 11 while at the art fair in Frieze, where he used a booth in which his father exhibited to sell his Magna designs. It is here that he realized for the first time that the abstract concept of a purely useless idea different from its intrinsic beauty or meaning could be sold or purchased.

By refining and establishing a business that fits into the world of art in 2013, Bailey began curating exhibitions, her first exhibition, "Human Relations", 2013 by Mari Luise and Fenton Bailey was followed the following year by Russell Young's "Wild At Heart" in 2014. Following the success of these exhibitions, Bailey has continued to take care of at least one show in the year

In addition to curating exhibitions and collaborating, Bailey launched Quite Useless with its two co-founders Jack Daniels Thompson, Mimi Nishikawa and Ronald Briceno in 2015. Pretty useless was founded to help artists who showed great promises but did not have the support, structure or the guide to kick-start their careers. Acting as a type of talent agency, Quite useless helps emerging artists to showcase their works in rich environments.

While working with established and established artists through Quite Useless, Bailey has experienced how limited the dynamics of the current art world can be; and how the current structure does not work for artists or for new growing artistic mediums that lead to the birth of The Blockchain Art Exchange (B.A.E).

The Internet revolution has caused many problems for the work of art, especially the ability to copy something an infinity of times. The Blockchain Art Exchange gives us the power to own the files and transfer them to new owners without copying them, just as in the past, with vinyl records, thanks to digital Blockchain files can now be scary and have value; protect the buyer, the artists and the integrity of the work itself.

The Blockchain Art Exchanges The ultimate mission is to change the creative world forever. Decentralize the market and empower artists everywhere by giving them a platform to create, view and exchange digital artistic files, modernizing the way people acquire artistic creations. The B.A.E will become the mark of approval for any collectible blockchain art, where the provenance will show us that the collectible object is linked to the best quality file that has been uploaded by the owner of the intellectual property rights. B.A.E will provide tranquility and certainty for investors in this budding border market.


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