Sarah Lombardi (DSDS / RTL) walks through Cologne with a sloppy look – “Who would dare go out like this?”


Sarah Lombardi (DSDS / RTL): This is how the beautiful singer is down-to-earth when shopping in Cologne. Friend Julian Büscher reacts immediately.

Cologne – In Sarah LombardiLife is quite busy right now. He just got it Engagement with her boyfriend Julian Büscher announced by them Fan she will be under the costume of Skeletts in “The Masked Singer” TV Show (ProSieben). With singing performances the former would DSDSParticipant yes, after all, I already know. Another indication: the location of the show is you Hometown of Cologne.

Sarah Lombardi: Out and about in Cologne with Crocs, sweatpants and training jacket

Exactly there it fits singer on Instagram while shopping downtown. The singer is very nice Schlabberlook on the road. Wear pink Crocs, sweatpants is Training jacket to the messy sandwich. In hand to purchase, without makeup, plus one Ballerina-Pose. He asks his fans the question: “Hand on heart, who would dare go out like this?” A total of 71% voted for “Sure”, 29% for “never”.

Sarah Lombardi in a broad look around Cologne.

© Instagram / @ sarellax3

Julian Büscher reacts: “My sweet darling”

“@Julbue are you ashamed to go out with me?” Sarah Lombardi in their neighbor Story-Video later while walking the streets. It is very likely that with the training jacket in her boyfriend’s closet *, Footballer Julian Büscher, it served. It reacts directly and republishes them History with the words “My sweet darling, I go around the same way”. Sweet!

Sarah Lombardi with purchase in Cologne.

© Instagram Screenshot / @ sarellax3

Find them too Fan: A full 87% react to the second poll with “We love you for this!”. (jh) * is part of the national Ippen-Digital publishing network

Rubriklistenbild: © Instagram Screenshot / @ sarellax3

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