Samsung Galaxy S20 (FE): Top models are getting cheaper so quickly


The S20, S20 + and S20 Ultra are already somehow on the market, but the S20 FE is still pretty cool, but still relatively cheap. Should interested parties take it now or should they wait?

In our comparison: Samsung Galaxy S20 FE, S20, S20 + or S20 Ultra? We called the new Samsung Galaxy S20 FE the value-for-money winner, because there are some trade-offs in terms of hardware, but the device offers advantages in other areas. For example, the model only has a plastic back, but the 5G version of the Fan Edition (FE) comes to customers with a Snapdragon 865 as a chipset, which is more energy efficient and stronger than Exynos chips in the other models. . But should stakeholders take action immediately or is it worth waiting a little longer?

To answer this question, it is usually worth taking a look at the previous models. If the price has dropped significantly within a certain period of time, this is also likely for the current model. This approach is a viable option for the Galaxy S20 and S20 + models, but it’s more difficult with the S20 Ultra and the new S20 FE, because these models don’t have a direct predecessor. At least not one that matches by name. For this article we have therefore looked for a different approach: let’s compare the price trend of the Samsung Galaxy S10 lite with that of the S20, the S10 with the S20 +, the S10 + with the S20 Ultra and the S10e with the S20 FE. However, other factors such as the current Corona crisis and different publication dates make an exact comparison even more difficult.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite was sold at a recommended price of 649 euros, the Samsung Galaxy S20 was 899 euros. As a result, the price of the cheaper S20 Lite dropped more slowly at first and now settled at around 53.5 percent off the recommended price, a little under $ 350. With the S20, the price fell faster in the first few weeks, then the price drop slowed and the retail price even rose slightly again. The price is now around 60 percent of the recommended price, which is around 550 euros. The S20 probably won’t be much cheaper, so the wait only brings low single-digit percentage points as further savings.

Samsung’s Galaxy S10 started at 899 euros, the Samsung Galaxy S20 + at 999 euros. As with the S10 Lite, the price of the S10 dropped significantly in the first few weeks, but not as much as the current model, the S20 +. In the case of the S10, the retail price remained fairly constant in the first six months after an initial decline and only subsequently declined. The S10 is now available for 445 euros, with savings of around 50%. The price of the S20 + fell sharply in the first few weeks, only to recover and continue to decline thereafter. It is currently around 65 percent of the recommended price, which is around 645 euros. If you take the further price trend from the Galaxy S10, the price is likely to slowly drop another 15% in the coming months. Waiting here may still be worth it, but the successors, likely to be called the Galaxy S21, are almost on the starting blocks.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 + with 512GB of internal storage started selling for 1249 euros and in the first 6 months saw a rather linear price drop to 69% of the recommended price. The device is currently available for around 619 euros, which is not 50 percent of the recommended price. The Galaxy S20 Ultra started at 100 euros more, i.e. 1349 euros, but it also offers 5G. Again, a relatively constant drop in prices can be observed, which was around 73.5% after 6 months. The Ultra currently costs around 930 euros, about 69 percent of the recommended price. Due to the improved price stability of the S20 Ultra, it should take a while for the model to come close to the Galaxy S10 + price drop of 50 percent. Patients could be rewarded with a price of around 700 euros in a few months, but then the successor is already there.

We come to the most exciting device, the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE. The S10e compared to it (test report) cost only about 87% of the recommended price of 749 euros after just 1 month; over the same period, the retail price of the S20 FE fell to a very similar 85% (539 instead of 633 euros). Assuming a similar price trend in the future, the retail price for the FE should be around 66.5 percent or 420 euros on the market after six months, which is around 100 euros less than today. However, as the S10e has remained very stable to date and currently still costs around 535 Euros (71.5 percent) of the manufacturer’s price, it’s questionable whether it’s really worth the wait if you’re interested in the S20 FE. Because in a few months the successor to the S20 models will be on the market and the still young FE will be old again.

With the S20 models, the savings were between 25 and 30 percent after six months, as with the predecessors. The wait will likely be rewarded with the S20 FE as well. But there is a problem: before the middle of the year, the new S21 models will hit the market and the FE will not be obsolete, but it will be obsolete. But maybe the new models will be interesting again, especially since the numbers for the S20 models in most configurations have shown that the cheaper variants in particular already have the biggest price drop in the first few weeks. After that, only particularly persistent waiters benefit from it.

If you’re not sure which of the S20 models is right for you, you should take a look at our comparison: S20, S20 +, S20 Ultra or S20 FE. Our comparison is even more detailed: S20, Plus and Ultra. We also have articles on covers for Ultra and S20 + and covers for S20.



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