Samsung files for blockchain and cryptocurrency software


HTC has launched its blockchain phone, Exodus 1, which is already available for the order, but only if you pay with cryptocurrency. The Taiwan-based phone maker has decided to develop and launch a device specifically aimed at those who want to keep their cryptokeys safe. It is not likely that Samsung will launch a specific device for this purpose (although it would not be a problem for the giant), but recent documents filed on the marks reveal the crypto-plans of the Korean company.

Keychain Blockchain, Blockchain KeyStore and Blockchain Core are the three names that Samsung wants to mark. You can check deposits by clicking on links for Blockchain KeyStore (PDF), Blockchain key box (PDF) and Blockchain Core (PDF).

While the documents do not reveal much, however, they clearly state that we are looking at the software related to the phone.

The category in which the deposit is going is "Smartphone; Software applications for use with mobile devices; Computer software platforms; Application software". Samsung is no stranger when it comes to security on its smartphones, having experience with Samsung Knox. However, a specific solution just for the purpose of keeping the criptokeys secure on your future Galaxy phones may make sense.

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