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In the world of blockchain phones, another name could crowd the pantheon.

These sites, including, Samsung, not a small player in mobile devices, have presented three trademark applications in Europe that offer some clues to the phones focused on the blockchain.

The site reported that the brands (and to be sure, they are not patents) are named "Blockchain KeyStore" and "Blockchain Core" and "Blockchain Key Box." Bind to the public key storage offerings, and the technology giant said that the offers apply to smartphones and software The site claimed that the brands may be linked to the storage offer for cryptocurrencies.

Separately, the blockchain seemed to be in the mind of at least some participants in the financial services sector as the Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation (DTCC) said this week that – for its annual survey on the systemic risk of the barometer, and as reported by Forbes – blockchain offers "a potential threat" to the existing financial infrastructure that is being implemented around the world. It should be noted that the DTCC is preparing its own blockchain solution. Forbes noted that the DTCC is "expected to replace" its $ 11 trillion of Trade Information Warehouse to use the authorized Axcore blockchain.

About a fifth of those questioned by the DTCC stated that FinTech as a general category poses at least some systemic risk in the next year, which is up 5 percent from last year.

As reported by Forbes, and as stated by Stephen Scharf, the DTCC security chief through a statement, "DTCC embraces the promise that fintech innovations will further mitigate risks and reduce post-trade costs. Industry continues to adopt fintech innovations, such as blockchain, AI and cloud solutions, we must ensure that such innovations do not jeopardize the security and security of the current global financial market. "

In reference to the blockchain used in financial transactions, the Russian state-owned bank known as Sberbank said at the end of last week that it had completed a transaction known as repo, short for a repurchase agreement, with blockchain technology. The bank said that the participants in the transaction included the regional brokerage company and the Russian National Depositary (NSD). The transaction included a "smart contract" and during that transaction made on a trial basis, and made in rubles, Sberbank acted as a seller, Region as a buyer and NSD as an agent.

In a version announcing the transaction, Alina Akchurina, managing director for collateral management systems at NSD, said that "the integration of NSD's CMS into distributed blockchain networks is part of our strategy. The use of the blockchain to manage repurchase transactions is one of the few examples that justify the use of this technology … During this pilot agreement, the NSD not only acted as depository of the settlements, but also provided collateral management services to its participants and provided the market data used for the regulation of the smart contract. "

In addition, this week came the news that IBM is connecting the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, also known as ABNOC, in a joint effort that will create a blockchain-based supply chain system. The value of the transaction was not disclosed, Coindesk reported last week.

Coinannounce reported that the oil company has a production of three million barrels a day, and for the site, the joint effort is in its pilot phase. Blockchain is used to track the flow of oil and gas and to track transactions related to these transactions. These transactions take place among the companies of ADNOC, in an attempt to increase the efficiency of deliveries.



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