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Samourai Crypto Wallet launches the new Crypto Asset resource tracking service and privacy features

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One of Bitcoin's most popular portfolios, Samourai Wallet, has introduced a new privacy feature that will allow users to be protected by coin tracking services. In some cases, user funds can be blocked by other platforms and platforms.

Samourai wallet has always worked to provide new privacy features to Bitcoin and crypto users. Using military-grade AES-256 encryption, the portfolio offers users an enhanced security experience without necessarily sacrificing efficiency. There is always a compromise between efficiency and privacy because the new features make different features slower or less compatible with other services.

There are several companies in the space that can block or blacklist funds that could be linked to illegal activities or hacks. Companies tend to have an updated list of accounts and transactions associated with attacks and hacks.

With the new feature called Ricochet, the wallet is able to add hops and steps to every single Bitcoin transaction processed. In general, blockchain software gives a glimpse of the last five hops. This espionage software will have to look even deeper to achieve the same level of security they now have. However, giving a look at ten transactions is almost impossible for applications because of the expensive associated costs.

Ricochet transactions were updated in May 2018, to use Samourai's native SegWit bech32 addresses. The company has also introduced a new algorithm that reduces the fingerprint of the Ricochet transaction on the network.

Samourai wallet it is one of the few free and open source cryptographic portfolios available on the market. For this reason, Samourai has been criticized since he has no monetization options. The main question that individuals were making was related to how society remained profitable.

With this new premium feature, the company was able to monetize the portfolio and keep the portfolio away from KYC requirements and to disclose user data to third parties.

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