Salary cut, fat loss, Cathay Pacific: no more layoffs – Hong Kong Apple Daily


  1. Cathay Pacific: There is no need to lay off staffHong Kong Apple Daily
  2. Cathay Pacific: If the aviation industry returns to normal next year, no more layoffsHong Kong Economic Newspaper
  3. Cathay Pacific: If next year it doesn’t need to cut passenger traffic, won’t review new contract, union urges Legislative Council to meet again-20201110-Hong Kong NewsMing Pao news network
  4. [ Eastern Net]Cathay Pacific layoffs: high-level pay cuts for just one East Net
  5. [Licenziamenti Cathay Pacific]The president of Cathay Pacific congratulated him and stressed that no further layoffs are needed. The Transportation and Housing Bureau: Cathay Pacific may not be able to continue to operate Dragonair-Hong Kong Economic Times-Real Time News Channel-Market Finance-Stock Market original routesHong Kong Economic Times-News
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