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Safe cryptocurrency mining billiards trading game?


What is cryptomania?

In this article, we expose Cryptomania, a wild, fun and unpredictable educational board game. Cryptomania is an exciting board game that allows users to experience all the emotions of the crypto-market in a fun and safe way. The game is simple to play, so players do not need to have previous cryptographic knowledge to get started.

However, apart from the exciting excitement, the game allows users to learn about cryptocurrencies while they play. Therefore, Cryptomania offers endless hours of entertainment for both seasoned traders and beginners who would like to try their hand at encryption.

How to play Cryptomania

It's simple, anyone can play with it. Users simply have to bring a lot of money and Bitcoin with them by purchasing and managing mines and power plants. They must also make intelligent choices while trying to make their opponents fail. The player with the most money and bitcoins wins at the end of the game.

The same, the Cryptomania the platform is just as volatile as the cryptographic market in the real world. It has pitfalls in every corner that could ruin a player's success in a second. For example, a player can lose all earnings for a hacker who tries to buy only high. The price of bitcoins could also decrease dramatically when a player is about to sell.

Cryptomania mechanics

At the start of each round, a player decides first whether to buy or sell Bitcoins. A player then rolls the dice to move the piece around the board. The next step depends on the type of space the player has landed on.

Cryptomania features

START-The Genesis Block:

Here is where the game begins. Whenever a player passes it, the player can draw an Opportunity card.

POOLS – Bread and butter in criptomania:

On the Cryptomania platform, operating pools are the main source of income. When a player lands on a Mining Pool space, the player can buy it if no one is still using it. Alternatively, the player can rent it from the owner by paying a commission to the owner. This allows the player to use the pool's mineral resources. Once a player purchases a mining pool, he can be upgraded to earn higher taxes by including graphics cards and an ASIC miner.

POWER PLANT-The Lifeblood Of Cryptomania:

Power plants work the same way as mining pools. Since users can not extract it without power, players who own power plants receive payment from players who land on their power plants. They also receive payment from the mining pool operators each time another player lands on one of their mining pools.

OPPORTUNITY: luck or ruin?

When a player lands on an Opportunity space, the player draws a card from any of the four decks of Opportunity cards. Depending on the player's luck, you can get an advantage or lose some of the sweaty assets. For example, a player could receive a pool reward or a 50% discount on graphics cards and ASICs. Alternatively, a player may be forced to skip a turn or suffer a hack, which could lead to a loss of all Bitcoins.

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