Saad Eddin Ibrahim: The Arab region is turning into the Middle East


The head of the Ibn Khaldun Center for Development Studies, Professor of Sociology at the American University of Cairo, Dr. Saad Eddin Ibrahim, said that the Arab region is on its way to becoming a Middle Eastern, especially with regards to relations with Israel. , which have become inevitable in light of the transformation of the Palestinian newspaper into a soft paper in the Arab conflict. Israeli.

Ibrahim added, in an interview with the Cairo “vision”, that Palestine and Israel will become a state under Israeli rule in the first generation, and then it will become a state for all after about 25 years of achieving this goal. It is possible for an Arab person to come to Israel’s prime minister despite the difficulty of conceiving the matter in the present time.

Democratic candidate Joe Biden is expected to win next month’s US presidential election if things go normal, but Arab-American relations won’t change much if Biden gets to the White House … and dialogue

Saad Eddin Ibrahim.

How do you see the future of the Arab region over the next ten years?

The Arab region gradually transforms into a Middle East region, the borders between Arabs and non-Arabs in it will gradually end. Israel has become part of the Arab world, as have Iran and Turkey, which are non-Arab countries that have extensions within the Arab world, and there are many Arabs living in these countries, and the region is changing in terms of demographics. has become more mixed and diverse in all these countries, and there is also a strong tendency towards reconciliations rather than enmities, which goes beyond traditional and old enmities, both within the same country as Sudan, because it has surrendered account of the impossibility of achieving any result with the armed conflict, and from here the brilliant minds began the process. In search of reasonable means of coexistence and reconciliation, or at the regional level, as we have seen from the Arab rapprochement with Israel in the last period.

Are we facing the imperative of building relations with Israel to address the Iranian and Turkish dangers?

There is concern for Turkey and Iran, and I believe that the relationship is more intimate with Israel, and in general “all in each other” and here the borders are no longer categorical or iron. Rather, they are flexible and easy to penetrate borders, and Iranian influence in a number of Arab countries is primarily aimed at bargaining with external and regional powers. From better ground.

What are your expectations for the following countries in concluding peace agreements with Israel?

I think Saudi Arabia will enter the peace line with Israel, as planes cross Saudi airspace on their way to the Emirates, and this is a prelude to a Saudi-Israeli reconciliation or deal, which could take the form of the Tel Aviv concession. of some things to the Kingdom represented in Riyadh’s oversight of the holy places.

How do you see the role of the warring Palestinian factions in wasting the rights of the Palestinian people?

The differences of the Palestinian factions are what made the Palestinian card a loose card in handling the rest of the Arab-Israeli conflict, and today Saeb Erekat sought refuge in an Israeli hospital when his health deteriorated, confirming that the lines they are no longer as iron and hostile as they were in the past..

As a sociology professor, I have visited Israel more than once … How do Arabs live with Jews?

The current battle that occupies both sides is about annexing new land to Israel, but we must keep in mind that the demographics of the occupied lands say that the number of Arabs equals the number of Jews, which raises the ire of the Zionists uncompromising, who want to preserve the privacy of the Jewish community, and what I want.His clarification is that there is more anxiety among Zionists than among Arabs on this issue, as the reproduction rate and population increases among Arabs double, while the increase of Jews does not correspond to it, and within a quarter of a century the number of Arabs could increase three times the number of Jews.

Do you think Israel is serious about allowing the creation of a Palestinian state?

No, it is a country that includes Arabs and Jews under Israeli control in the first generation, but in the second generation it will become like South Africa, and a third of the Knesset today are Arabs, and it is possible that the prime minister of Israel will become an Arab one day. despite the difficulty of the matter.

What’s your comment on Hillary Clinton’s leaks?

In my opinion, the information was present among those interested in American politics and Washington’s relationship with the Arabs, but the leaks confirmed it and made it widely spread..

Who will win the next American elections?

I expect Joe Biden to win, and all the public opinion statistics strongly point to the matter, as the difference between the two candidates is 1 or 2%, but the 10% difference in Biden’s favor is unprecedented, and if things go so naturally and are limited to their current level of political debate, then the Democratic candidate wins is the most likely outcome, unless an extraordinary incident occurs.

What will the United States be like if Joe Biden wins?

Likewise, the United States changes no more than 3% left or right, and the agenda doesn’t differ much between the Republican and Democratic parties, except on minor issues, including the domestic policy file and the reporting file. with Mexico and Canada..

What about US relations with the Arabs if the Democratic candidate wins?

In my opinion, Arab-American relations will not change much with the change of who lives in the White House, and in most cases the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will exert more influence over the American administration for Biden..

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