Ryan Garcia: Gervonta Davis, other star heavyweights need me whether they like it or not


The excitement of the lightweight division over the past one or two years has made fans clamoring for a 2021 full of mouth-watering megafights, but Ryan Garcia doesn’t think Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis has any interest. in this.

Davis, who races under the tutelage of undefeated great Floyd Mayweather Jr., was the last in action with an emphatic Halloween night knockout of Leo Santa Cruz.

Garcia, whose December 5 fight against Luke Campbell was delayed after Campbell’s positive COVID-19 test, attracted attention with his enthusiastic reactions to the milestone on social media.

And he told DAZN’s Chris Mannix, this is because, unlike Davis, he wants his division rivals like Tank and Teofimo Lopez Jr. to thrive and make their final encounters with the 22-year-old even more exciting.

“I’m very competitive,” he told Mannix. “I want to face the best and I love when my competition does something extraordinary.

“I was very excited when Gervonta KO Santa Cruz with that uppercut – that telegraphed uppercut. It makes my juices flow and that’s why I tweet about it because it’s all entertainment. It’s all part of the show.

“When that fight happens, more people will want to watch. I want to give it to my fans.”

When Mannix pressed Garcia on his irreverent reference to Davis’ final sixth round about the former world champion of four weights, he explained, “He was literally showing him the uppercut of the whole fight.

“I don’t know why Santa Cruz didn’t adapt. If I get hit with a good shot, I’ll make sure my opponent can’t take that hit again. “

But as much as Garcia respects what Davis brings to the table, he doesn’t think much about his repeated claims of being the “A-side” if they’ve ever fought, only to show little enthusiasm to actually make it happen.

“They need me,” Garcia continued. “Like it or not, they all need to fight me if they want to get to a Manny Pacquiao or Floyd Mayweather type of fight.

“They can say they are the A side, but if you look at my numbers, they are much better.

“My numbers are so far from Tank’s and he is loved by everyone! I’m in front of him.

“I’m calling him not because I need him, but because he’s the biggest fight available.

“I like Gervonta, there is a particularity in him. I give credit where it is due. It does amazing things.

“He’s fighting the fighters he knows he can beat, with no threats there. Against Tank I would not be the favorite for the first time. I live for this. I’m trying to shock the world. That’s what I’m trying to do. “

Garcia firmly believes Mayweather is looking to lead Davis down the exact same path of carefully selected, image-oriented fights that the self-proclaimed ‘Best Ever’ was often accused of doing during his 50-0 career.

“Floyd is all about money, low risk, high reward,” Garcia continued. “I’m not angry about it. Here’s what Tank will do.

“If I look great against Campbell and beat him like I expect to beat him, he won’t fight me.

“If I show vulnerability, he might take the fight. But I don’t care about that either [about perfect records]. “

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