Russia does not give up and relaunches the race for the COVID-19 vaccine: efficiency declared in the case of Sputnik V three days after the announcement of Pfizer and BioNTech


The Russian Sovereign Wealth Fund and Gamaleia Research Institute praised, in a statement, as well as their competition, the efficacy of the randomized and double-blind Sputnik-V vaccine – an experimental approach used in several disciplines – on a number of 40,000 volunteers.

“Statistical analysis of 20 confirmed cases with the novel coronavirus, cases distributed between vaccinated recipients and placebo, shows a 92% efficacy level of the Sputnik-V vaccine after (administration) of the second dose,” he said. the two institutions in the communiqué.

Approved before passing all stages of testing, the Sputnik V vaccine has aroused reluctance in the medical world.

Many saw the approval decision as a propaganda act done for the sake of the primacy, just like during the Cold War, and not a true scientific breakthrough. Indeed, the conclusions regarding Sputnik V have been questioned by a group of international experts.

In the context in which Russia has so far been stingy in the scientific documentation of this vaccine, praised by President Vladimir Putin, the creators of Sputnik-V assured Wednesday that the research will soon be published “in one of the leading journals in the world and evaluated by the world. Colleagues “.

Wednesday’s announcement comes after Pfizer and BioNTech created a glimmer of hope this week by announcing a 90% efficiency of their candidate vaccine.

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