Rupert Grint shares his first photo of his daughter Wednesday on Instagram


Updated November 11, 2020 8:19 am.

Rupert Grint fans have been waiting for this: the “Harry Potter” star has not only finally discovered Instagram on his own, but also posts his daughter’s first photo on Wednesday on the social network.

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For years, fans have searched in vain for one Rupert Grint’s official Instagram account waited, now the time has finally come: the Actor Ron Weasley he discovered the social network with a little delay and shares it directly at the debut a cute photo of her daughter on Wednesday.

Rupert Grint: self-deprecating debut on Instagram

“Hey Instagram … just ten years too latebut here I am. Grint on the Gram! “, Grint jokes in a self-deprecating way about his somewhat belated debut on Instagram.” I’m here to introduce you to G. Grint on Wednesday, “continues the former” Harry Potter “star and closes his first post with the words, “Be careful, Rupert.”

In his first Insta-Pic, Grint can be seen holding daughter Wednesday in his arms. The sweet baby is wearing a pink sweater and snuggles closely to his famous dad.

It’s true the face of the little girl of a few months is not seen in the photo, fans don’t seem to care much. They are just happy to finally say goodbye to their star on Instagram and admire a first photo of their magical offspring.

Fans and co-stars greet the “Harry Potter” star on Instagram

In the comments, fans – of course – also diligently refer to Grint’s previous role in “Harry Potter”. For example, one user writes: “I see Hermione has finally taught you how to do this Muggle-Technology use. “Another adds,” Welcome, Mr. Weasley. “

Of course, even the former Grint co-stars readily welcome the new dad on Instagram. So write Tom Felton in the typical tone of his “Harry Potter” figure Draco Malfoy: “Welcome, Weasley – it’s time.” To take it all away, Felton adds a nice greeting to Wednesday.
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Great joy from Rupert Grint, aka Ron Weasley. The “Harry Potter” star and longtime girlfriend Georgia Groome became parents for the first time. © ProSiebenSat.1


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