Rulers Examine Proposal: Return to the Old Handball Rule? – Sports


Rulers Examine Proposal: Return to the old handball rule? – Sport – SRF

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The rulers of Ifab football want to consider a Uefa proposal to change the handball rule.

The referee when it comes to hand games.


It is often not an easy task

The referee when it comes to hand games.

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This was confirmed by FIFA president Gianni Infantino according to information from German news agency in a letter to UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin. The topic is on the agenda of the meeting scheduled for November. Ceferin had suggested a return to the handball rule in effect prior to last season.

Again and again discussions

In 2019, the International Football Association Board (Ifab) introduced, among other things, that any goal scored with the hand or arm is illegal, regardless of whether or not there is an intention. Regardless of the intention, there is usually an offense if the player increases his body area unnaturally, for example if his arm is held above shoulder height.

Before the rule change, answering the question of whether handball was intentional or not played the crucial role. Interpreting the handball rules repeatedly provokes arguments between coaches, players and fans.

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