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Rui Pinto contacts press; Snowden's lawyer is one of his

The lawyers claim that their client should benefit from the status of an informant in the image of Edward Snowden and Julian Assange.

Two days ago the news of the arrest of a of hackers Portuguese following an international cooperation operation initiated by the Portuguese public ministry and the judicial police. Virtually several social media have started to associate this detention with the hacker Rui Pinto, which was remarkable for the revelation of a series of dirty secrets world football in Football Leaks, but who here has become more known as "the hacker of Benfica" – or Porto, depends on perspective.

Today, according to Público, the young prisoner has confirmed his identity in a note sent to this newspaper by his legal representatives, Franciso Teixeira da Mota and William Bourdon, which, according to the newspaper, revealed their surprise at the speed of the operation, saying it could reveal many other issues, leaving in the air a kind of mystery.

In the same note, the lawyers confirm that Rui Pinto has links to Football Leaks who have revealed over 70 million confidential documents, as we suggested in a reflection published in one of the most exciting moments of the site, and which was seriously threatened by the publication of in 2015.

Due to the complexity of the case, it should be kept in mind that the documents that Rui Pinto has revealed denouncing unfair practices by large world clubs – lawyers point out that their client should benefit from the status of informant similar to Edward Snowden and Julian Assange.

Moreover, William Bourdon, one of the names mentioned by the daily newspaper Público is known for defending Edward Snowden and Julian Assange in cases similar to Rui Pinto. The French lawyer has one of his specialties cases like this in which the status of informant, for example being referenced as a member of the The platform to protect informants in Africa, an organization focused on solving this type of case.

Regarding their detention, lawyers have also said that they will reject the extradition request and support strengthening the paradoxical nature of cases such as this where complainants end up committing crimes. The weight of public opinion is always a nuance at stake in cases like this. If in the case of Snowden and Assange their revelations were received in a generally positive way, in the case of Rui Pinto for handling a delicate problem, football has generated much discord among the supporters – the love for the clubs ends to misrepresent the analysis of facts.

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