Roundup 10/1/18 – Mining in Montana avoided and more


Avoidable mining moratorium in Montana

The public hearing on the extraction of cryptocurrencies in Montana goes on to the next round while regulators pressured for a one-year moratorium. However, the legal representatives of the mining companies have challenged the ability of local authorities to decree such a moratorium. For now, it seems there is no reason to expect such a moratorium. Instead, the local government is trying to establish official regulation of mining activities. The concerns of many people in Montana are related to energy prices and noise nuisance through the mining platforms. Montana has attracted many mining companies with its low-cost energy prices. As a result, issues related to the mining sector are widespread in the state.

Monero starts a project to fight the mining of cryptocurrency

Monero has announced that he will launch a website that will allow users to get information about various cryptographic malware. The website will also make an additional effort to provide information on how to deal with a malware attack. With this move the Monero team tries to promote itself as an encrypted project that enhances its users. One of the advantages of Monero is its privacy features. As of now, it is also easier to extract than other digital currencies such as bitcoins.

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Exchanges in Japan push for greater self-regulation

A few weeks after Zaif's attack, the Japan Currency Currency Exchange Association (JVCEA) is revisiting its rules for cryptocurrency trading. The JVCEA represents the 16 officially authorized exchanges in the country. The association has announced its intention to limit the managed capital in cryptocurrencies for each exchange. However, the JVCEA still has to determine a fixed percentage for this, but the representatives have talked about 10 – 20% of their customers' cryptographic resources. The JVCEA wants to work closely with the Japanese government to establish a reasonable regulation for the encrypted market.

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