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Rivolta by Nicolás Maduro: the European Union calls for new elections

The leaders of the mission of the The European Union (EU) has requested to hold "new free elections" in Venezuela "in line with international standards", during the meetings in Palazzo Miraflores, headquarters of the Executive, on Friday, and Saturday with the leaders of the National Assembly.

In addition to the elections for the call to call, in both meetings the ambassadors reiterated the position of the Twenty-eight in favor of "respect for democracy, Rule of law and fundamental freedoms", said a spokesman for the high representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs, Federica Mogherini.

He added that diplomats also called for "recognition and respect for the powers and prerogatives of the National Assembly, including the immunity of its members," as well as "the release of all political prisoners "and urgently addresses" the most pressing needs of the population".

"The proposal, currently under discussion, to establish an international contact group, with the aim of creating the conditions for a political, democratic and peaceful solution, was mentioned in the same way, "said the spokesperson.

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He insisted that the two meetings remain "in line with the objective of contributing to a political and peaceful remedy and keeping open the channels of communication with all Venezuelan actors concerned".

Moreover, stressed that the EU will continue to work to "overcome the current crisis and restore democracy and stability".

The president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, has already announced on Friday that he has opened "channels of dialogue and understanding" with ambassadors from different countries of the European Union (EU).

The state television VTV then showed images of Maduro receiving the EU ambassador in Caracas, Isabel Brilhante, in a room at the Palazzo Miraflores, as well as representatives from France, Spain, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Poland, Romania, Portugal and Germany.

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The EU reiterated the 10 that does not recognize the legitimacy of the new presidential mandate of Maduro, who swore the same day before the Supreme Court.

The Chavez leader managed to prevail in the presidential elections last May, labeled as "fraudulent" and boycotted by most of the anti-Chavezism.

For this reason, the local opposition, the Organization of American States (OAS) and the EU they do not recognize the legitimacy of his second term, which will keep him in office, at least until 2025.

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