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Rissa on board – the plane has to go back


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Brawl on board: the low cost airline has to go back

Due to a boxing fight on board, a passenger plane had to reverse the route from Australia to Singapore. The plane of the low cost airline Scoot landed on Monday night in Sydney, after two male passengers collided.

The Australian police said one of the two policemen was arrested.

A video on the phone shows the two neighbors who are beating each other. In the beginning, the other passengers manage to separate the two. But then one of them ripped his shirt off and started again. The scene ends with hands tied to the floor.

One passenger told ABC television channel that the man started drinking a lot after leaving. After 20 minutes, he had become aggressive. The crew then put him on another post. Two hours later, however, the situation intensified. The pilot then decided to turn around. The airline – a subsidiary of Singapore Airlines – has deplored the "interruption". (SDA / dpa)

If he let you unleash your aggression:

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Video: Watson / Knackeboul, Lya Saxer

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