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Ripple's XRP maintains its position above $ 0.5000 against USD – Nasdaq

A similar sentiment on the market has absorbed almost all the main prices of crypto-coins in the last days. With the November 8 sellers' affirmation, the values ​​returned lower after a significant uptrend, but the final weekly result is undoubtedly positive given that digital assets have positioned themselves on more commercial ground. high.

The third largest currency by market capitalization XRP [XRP] from Ripple-Labs, the San Francisco-based blockchain payment protocols company, is changing hands against the US dollar at $ 0.50868 with an increase of 1.89% over the last 24 hours.

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Source: coinmarketcap

On the daily chart, the pair has already overcome the declining trend formed while balancing bulls and bears above $ 0.5000 signaling that there is still support to stand up or even move higher.

Ripple XRP

The longest performance chart since May 2018 – the decline in the downward trend still has a strong impact.

Weiss ratings put the fast currency under the must-buy In the digital currency sector, the assets are valued as B – Buy, as well as the XLM brand of Stellar, Cardano ADA and EOS.

"These are among the few who are starting to put everything together – advanced technology and adoption in the real world – they are not finished yet, but they are making good progress."

By combining the results of all four models, we arrive at a final grade, from "A" to "E."

Any type of "B-" or better is the equivalent of a "Buy".

"D +" or lower is "sell".

And "C" does not imply any action – "hold" if you already own it; "Avoid" if you do not.

Bitcoin has been rated C so keep or avoid if you do not have it.

With Nasdaq [National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation] Crypto-Platform arriving at the beginning of 2019, the company is in talks with Ripple to bring XRP as one of the first cryptocurrencies to be listed on the stock exchange.

"The two-way process has been underway for more than four months and XRP should be one of the initial currencies listed when Nasdaq launches its cryptographic platform at the start of 2019." – report source

During the dialogue, it was highlighted that there are many chances that XRP will end next year as the second largest currency by market capitalization in the crypto-verse.

The source went further by explaining that, based on the Ripple management team and its level of operations in the banking sector, it meets all the Nasdaq standards established for market capitalization.

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