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Ripple's XRP is the most mature (and hated) cryptocurrency, the claims analyst

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The company called PricewaterhouseCoopers (or PwC) has recently had some positive words
on XRP. The speed, simplicity and the inexpensiveness of cross-border transactions
that this Ripple cryptocurrency offer apparently impressed the
the PwC bulls, in particular Henri Arslanian, an encrypted employee of the

Henri Arslanian, FinTech and Crypto Leader of PwC for Asia
as well as the President of the FinTech Association of Hong Kong, believes that Ripple
and its XRP token is a great example of how the future of criptos can be.
He believes that Ripple already has many partners and owns a SWIFT type
payment system that is already able to cross borders at high speed and low cost
transactions are clear indicators that will be at the forefront of cryptography

Arslanian expects that the year 2019 will lead to an increase in institutional investments and cites it as one of the most interesting perspectives in the cryptography industry. Large banks and financial institutions will likely seek to gain a solid position in the encrypted market and Ripple's Ripplenet represents a solid door in space. To conclude, he said that 2019 will be the year in which partnerships between encryption and ordinary finance will become much more solid.

Ripple (XRP) is a leading cross-border payment solution in the blockchain industry. The cryptocurrency did exceptionally well in 2017, surpassing both Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). While, it may seem difficult for Ripple (XRP) to record such gains in 2018, it did it again this year.

XRP owners hope that this move from Binance would trigger a long-term decoupling of XRP from the bitcoin.

To decouple in a few words is to be free from Bitcoin's influence: It is well known that most of the altcoins and their prices strongly depend on bitcoin price movements. Every time the bitcoin hibernates and goes into crisis, the altimetric blocks crash even more strongly.

The willingness to decouple from bitcoin is strong, especially among larger coins like Ethereum or Ripple.

It usually goes like this: & # 39; Why is XRP down? & # 39; The usual answer was: "Because Bitcoin is down".

This is 100% true, however it should be a red flag for Ripple the company and their business as a whole. Their most precious resource is XRP. I think we can all agree that if they want the XRP to be successful and not volatile, they have to take a few steps towards decoupling from BTC.

What are the most used XRP wallets?

An interesting observation about the possible decoupling of bitcoin Ripple has emerged today, as noted by a Reddit user:

"6 April 2018 – XRP .45 6 April 2018 – BTC 6500 12 June 2018 – XRP .55 12 June 2018 – BTC 6500 I am only posting this to show the significant gains and progress of the market from last time Bitcoin made a dive This is an indication that the XRP is slowly moving away from the Bitcoin company as we have made more progress and lost ground with these market moves, continue with HODLing and do not forget to buy the dives. "

Although this shows that Ripple is moving in the right direction regarding decoupling, the real thing is still very far from the moment that there are many conditions that must be met before this happens.

Of course, the addition of more fiat / XRP pairs would help decoupling with Coinbase as a key to this, it could be a good push to that effect even if there seems to be some political games at stake, so even if Ripple is doing at its best, they can not yet be added there.

Once XRP is quoted on more exchanges and people can buy directly with Fiat, then we will see less of this BTC influence.

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