Ripple's XRP introduces a new cryptographic fund for institutional investors

XRP fans are finally able to celebrate. The Ripple XRP currency will be included in the fund for wealthy investors. Balance Custody has launched its brand new cryptographic solution for institutional investors, and it appears to include XRP among other digital assets.

XRP was not included in the fund Morgan Creek Capital

This comes just after the "betrayal" of Morgan Creek Capital who decided not to include XRP in its cryptographic fund for investors who flaunt significant capital .

Morgan Creek Capital Management launched the fund which will include more altcoins such as Litecoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Bitcoin Cash, EOS, Dash, Zcash, Monero and OmiseGO.

Morgan Creek CEO Mark Yusko said that "Every investor should consider an assignment to digital assets at this time."

According to the official announcement, the coins that are included in the the fund had to meet some requirements to be accepted:

Digital resources had to "pass strict and rule-based eligibility requirements, including custodial qualifications, trade concentration limits and pre-mine restrictions to be included All cryptos will be stored in 100% cold storage, which is best practice for safety and are checked annually. "

Balance Custody creates a transparent solution with high security

Balance Custody claims to have run a pilot closed with a very small group of customers in the last year to create a financially transparent solution that can provide military-level security guarantees.

"While we were trying to put together a proof of concept, we quickly discovered that the APIs and interfaces exposed by most blockchains are limited in functionality," according to Balance CEO George Bordianu.

"The implementation of a robust solution on a" per customer "basis would quickly prove to be non-scalable.We knew we could do better and, thanks to R & D developments in space, we We did it. "

Here is the complete list of the criptos included in the fund:

These cryptos were selected based on their technical merits, the strength of the community and the previous.

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