Ripple XRP Tip Bot is updated with two other "Major Updates" on Way

  Two-Major-updates-on-the-way-for-XRPs-Tip-Bot [19659002] Two "major updates" on the way to the XRP's flagship Bot

The community of the addition of third-party XRP to the ledger, otherwise known as XRP Tip Bot, recently received a significant update. Tip Bot, Wietse Wind discusses the update and future updates, which will provide the robot with "new ways to overturn".

If you do not know the technology, XRP Tip Bot allows social media users like Twitter or Reddit to almost instantly suggest other users in XRP. Many refer to the Tip Bot as one of the systems that demonstrates the potential of the XRP register, including the 4-second speed regulation, and an openness to third-party technologies to be built on it.

This particular bot is used very effectively by the XRP community, mainly on Twitter, allowing users to tip other members. Another update was released by Wind the other day, which took advantage of Bithomp's application programming interfaces [APIs] to display the name of the account that owned the portfolio and the XRP to which it was been sent.

Bithomp is a website that provides a number of services directly related to the XRP ledger and maintains a robust list of names associated with known portfolios. This particular update came in two steps, the first in which users could see the names of the portfolios on the specific deposit or withdrawal link, while the other was where users could directly see the names of the owner of the account during the transfer of XRP.

The second update came when a user with the present name "Mr. Cool Dad-E & # 39; reported a relatively rare bug." The bug could mean that users are accidentally skewed to the & # 39; XRP because of the mention mechanics of Twitter.Wind was able to correct this error relatively quickly, resulting in feedback from the interested user, stating:

"The next update @xrptipbot #update 3 / 4: The TipBot will now be detected when responding to a thread in which the TipBot is already part of the thread. In this case, all citations will be deleted, so another mention is required @ xrptipbot. No more accidental thread ignitions "

Wind has continued to include a feature that is heavily used by the XRP community.This is the ability to tip multiple people in the same tweet.Each single quote, through this updated system had a limit of about 5 XRP.

Wietse Wind has been contested by the community regarding the update, has made fun of further updates of the robot and declared:

"All that I can say is that there are two more updates coming soon that are even better;). One will probably be announced next week, but not by me. And next month. "

Wind continued to refer to a series of successive" major updates ", stating:

" And I'm not talking about a change in bot behavior, and not another social channel: I & # 39; I'm talking about two major updates that allow a whole new way to overturn;) "

This could mean that there are still tricks in the XRP community's expectations. They rejoiced for the recent update, with the user HazMedic said:

"It's amazing! Could the next update include a rule in which we can tip everyone with an LN in their handle? "

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