Ripple (XRP): the inversion is real



There are all sorts of times when cryptocurrency investors and traders are "forged" by a price rally and decide it may be time for an entry – just for find out, to their dismay, that the cryptocurrency in which they entered has ended up withdrawing and consolidating.

Well, one thing is certain – Ripple's XRP is showing a real reversal here. In the last 24 hours (in addition to the huge price increase in the last two days); has boasted an incredible gain of 17.8% which is incredible, considering the fact that the entire cryptocurrency market has been bearish for months.

It is extremely clear now that if you bought in the extremely oversold months of July or August, it would have been a wise decision. Unlike other cryptocurrency projects, Ripple has some concrete partnerships with real financial institutions, but this sustained price action indicates that market confidence has actually returned to the project, as this price action does not continue due to a specific catalyst.

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