Ripple (XRP) – Ripple (XRP) increases by 16% to exceed the crucial level of $ 0.50


Ripple (XRP) yesterday had fallen to $ .43. In the process, he had also taken the crucial levels of $ 0.50. This was actually a psychological support for many Ripple traders (XRP). Since then, traders are trying to figure out when they will be able to recover those levels. However, as the move down, even the move was quick.

Ripple (XRP) increases by 16% to exceed crucial levels of $ 0.50:

Currently, Ripple (XRP) is trading higher by about 16%. It trades around $ 0.50. Therefore, within 24 hours, it gained about 25% from the lows. This clearly indicates that the trend is bullish for ripple (XRP).

In the process, it is moved to the $ 0.50 level. $ .50 is a crucial psychological level and now also a level of support. That's why Ripple (XRP) that moves quickly above these levels is actually good for Ripple (XRP) investors and traders.

Moreover, there was also a fundamental news due to which Ripple has gathered even more. CoinField Exchange based in Canada has recently stated that it is trying to add XRP as the base currency for over 30 pairs of cryptocurrencies. If this is indeed the case, the volumes in the XRP token will also increase. Moreover, this will be a theoretical gain even for the XRP token. As a result, trade volumes will increase and credibility will also increase. This will ensure that traders trust even more of the XRP token.

Although, he has not yet officially made the announcement if he would have done it and when he would have done it, but the news that he is considering the XRP token as a base currency is more than enough to lift the XRP token. The move in XRP coincided with this announcement.

On the other hand, the general trend of ripple (XRP) was positive. It rose from the levels of $ 0.20 which fell to about $ 0.75 a month ago last week. So, it's moving. Now that's why from the $ 50 levels, it will continue to rise again. This will ensure greater upward momentum (XRP). Most investors knew that they would be able to close this $ 0.50 level early. However, investors have not expected that they will be able to cross these levels within 24 hours. This is why the upmove in ripple (XRP) has been confirmed.

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