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Ripple [XRP] Price analysis: 3.2% decline, very bullish fundamentals

Ripple XRP análisis de precios

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In a world where dominance means power, we expect a tiff in the coming years like SWIFT seeks to protect its territory against new but certain competitors. The former has been around sometimes and with bases in Belgium, the center of the EU and a symbol of unity, we can all understand why in its forty years of existence, SWIFT has not only accumulated organizational resources, because they know the inner and external functioning of global funds transfer, but have strong bases of use: up to 11,000 large banks worldwide use their global messaging service.

In addition, in trying to keep up with the demand, their new GPI update would reduce the transfer costs, but would also reduce waiting times, the latency of SWIFT was so blamed. Indeed as part of their marketing XRP and Ripple emphasize their ability to send funds faster and less, in contrast to SWIFT.

The good thing Ripple the company is their ability to maintain their own driving and since the main owners of XRP-60 billion XRP are under control, they have the trunk necessary to create incentives and enhance their powerful oiled marketing that attracts more banks in the coming days.

Already more than 200 banks they are connected. To this end, 27 recognizes XRP and another 13 have decided to use xRapid, a solution that uses XRP as an on-demand liquidity tool for their cross-border transfer of funds.

XRP / USD price analysis
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Back to the charts and XRP performance is average. Although not a top performer and still in second place in terms of liquidity with a market capitalization of $ 12.901 million, The XRP is stable in the last week, but down 3.2 percent in the last 24 hours.

Even with this, we keep one bullish prospect waiting the buyers jump on every minimum above the support of less than 30 cents and help to inflate prices towards 34 cents and later 40 cents.

Our position is recommended by the events of September 2018 and since XRP prices are consolidated within that bar, there is an opportunity to break above 40 cents – our main resistance and the our trigger line, which forms a basis for a rally towards our ideal goals.

On the back, there is danger that XRP sellers will reverse the gains of 2018 once XRP prices are less than 25 cents. This in addition to canceling our positive outlook, stimulate the next wave of lower lows with the first 10 cents targets.

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