Ripple (XRP) is the most celebrity-Hyped Cryptocurrency token of all Altcoins

  Ripple (XRP) is the most famous Cryptocurrency token to all the celebrities of all Altcoins

Ripple (XRP) – Which investors and consumers should know the most beloved Altcoin by celebrities

Ripple has been in the news for so many advances and use cases, and it is clear that many celebrities are in favor of fast and easy transactions. With so much popularity, especially for an altcoin, investors should know the story and the current status of the company.

When Ripple was in its heydays greatest time, it held firmly the price of $ 2.73, which was as recent as January 4 th this year. When the cryptocurrency industry had a hit this summer, Ripple went down with it, and currently has a price of $ 0.33. The company's market capitalization has still reached $ 12.93 billion, and much of the media has helped keep Ripple in its leading role, keeping it the third leading currency in the world. With numbers and popularity like this, would the low price be reason enough to start trusting Ripple in the encrypted run?

To provide some insight, Mark Mahaney of RBC Capital decided to speak in Colorado at the Fortune Brainstorm Tech conference. He has over 20 years of investment experience, and his story has led him to believe he knows the best time to intervene. He says the investment is worth it "when companies become verbs, names, when they become part of the popular vernacular …" If there's any advice to follow, it would certainly be that of a top 25 analyst. of Wall Street.

Based on years and years in an active financial sector, it has become clear that consumers pay attention to cultural content shifts, even if it is a subconscious decision. For example, the superstition of Friday 13 seems to cause a decline in profits from the stock marked these days. However, the financial sector is very different from the performance of cryptocurrency, so how does it apply?

Ripple has clearly gained the support of celebrities. Madonna has attracted attention with charitable donations, and Ripple responded in kind. Recently, Madonna has published that her goal was to present a massive donation to the orphans in Malawi through the use of Ripple. In response, Ripple went into action, saying they would immediately match the donations. Eric van Miltenburg, Senior Vice President of Operations, commented:

"We are honored to be part of Raising Malawi's amazing work with some of the most underdeveloped children in the world and we are grateful to our Sound Ventures investors for making introductions to us and this important cause. "

Another celebrity who was seen publicly in support of Ripple is Ashton Kutcher, who used it as a way to donate to a lawsuit on The Ellen Show. Kutcher, along with business partner Guy Oseary, donated a total of $ 4 million in XRP to his wildlife fund in an episode for his birthday, showing the transaction live on the screen. During the transaction, Kutcher explained:

"Ripple is basically a platform that allows people to transfer money from the bank account to the bank account, from person to person, safely, really simply, very quickly."

Snoop Dogg is another celebrity to join the ranks of Ripple effortlessly, working as a headliner for an event sponsored by Ripple Labs. The former US president, Bill Clinton, has already been booked for an October conference for Ripple.

Even apart from the culture of celebrities and obviously impressive performances of their fast transactions, they managed to consolidate agreements with American Express and many banking institutions. Because of their availability and performance, Bitcoin Superstore added the XRP token to the list of acceptable payments.

The entire mission of Ripple has been to make the cryptocurrency user-friendly and mainstream, and these steps seem to be just the beginning of their journey. They are already reaching pop culture and the new plan is for the global adoption of XRP. To stay up-to-date on XRP's performance, take a look at

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