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Ripple (XRP) donates $ 105 million for education and FinTech through its social impact program, Ripple for Good. This donation will fund projects in
the realms of education and finance. Recently, Ripple received about $ 80 million in donations and donated an additional $ 25 million. This donation of over 100 million is one of the largest of its kind. Each of the project's initiatives will be selected by the Ripple team. They will also allocate resources to each project.

Driving social change

Ripple donates 105 million for education and FinTech

To drive social change, Ripple will focus on STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) and FinTech education through real-world use cases and applications. The only way to truly scale social impact is to use technology. Ripple will facilitate projects not only with a large donation, but through partnerships. The Blockchain University Research Initiative and Ripple will collaborate for further research and training in cryptocurrency, funding industries such as IT, law, economics and finance.

RippleWorks partnership

The non-profit RippleWorks founded by Chris Larsen and Doug Galen is in collaboration with Ripple for Good. RippleWorks will build on the work previously done by RippleWorks with the main goal of global financial exclusion. All employees will have volunteer opportunities and the opportunity to contribute to how best to use the donation.

Ripple donates 105 million for education and FinTech

Official quote of the press release

Ripple's bold vision is to enable the Internet of Value. This is essentially a world in which money can move with the same ease with which information makes open access all over the world. We can not wait to see the outcome of the push for monetary inclusion and the social good worldwide.

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