Ripple Vice President Asheesh Birla says the company is more worried about international remittances


As it has been in recent times, the Crypto Trader of CNBC, hosted by the always discerning and cryptic adept Ran NeuNer, always attracts a lot of attention and interest. Yesterday, the man in the foreground was Ripple Asheesh Birla, senior vice president of the product and with Ran asking important questions, the VP provided a lot of information about Ripple's goals, about driving and how they think to their project.

From the news, Ran has previously said he no longer owns XRP and has officially thrown the third most important cryptocurrency into the garbage bin until the secret of whether XRP is a utility or not is canceled by the SEC , the principal regulator of the United States and protector of investors.

Ripple Hard Questions

During the interview, important questions were asked about XRP and Ripple. Some of them ranged from the fact that XRP was decentralized or not, if there was scarcity in the network, application of the XRP user case and if there was an XRP developer on Ledger.

Asked if XRP has any user case in particular on the products that Ripple was creating, Birla hastened to clarify that the company was more inclined to provide seamless solutions when it came to cross-border payments. He went on to say that the company was passionate about facilitating cross-border remittances and that it was Ripple's position after incorporation in 2012.

By xCurrent and xRapid

Birla also talked about xCurrent and xRapid, two of the three main products of Ripple apart from XRP, which the company says mainly helps in the communication between the parties operating and in regulatory compliance. On xRapid, the VP of the product insists that the product will primarily be used for on-demand liquidity and institutions using xRapid must inculcate XRP. XRP is a Ripple creation and allows the transfer of international and instantaneous value unlike SWIFT.

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