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Ripple returns to 2018

In the latest episode of Ripple Drop, Ripple looks to 2018. The special holiday episode includes SVP's successful client Marcus Treacher and SVP product Asheesh Birla.

The episode begins with Reinhardt Cate, producer and publisher of Ripple, who asks Marcus Treacher, SVP of Customer Success, the various key stages that the company has seen in 2018. Responding to Cate's question, Treacher said:

"2018 was the year RippleNet became a reality, so we built the network to connect to 40 countries around the world, and we really started to bring the full overview of Ripple payments."

Cate then asks:

"So ripple does not directly serve a remitter or a small and medium business, as our customers do, so what kind of things were they able to do with RippleNet for those end users?"

For this, Treacher answered by saying:

"So a good example is that One Pay FX and One Pay FX have been launched by Santander and they are really all over the world, Ripple is giving a solution, and what we are doing now is using that know-how and learning to help them. to quickly develop winning proposals for their apps and their instant banking services.What is doing is to create a real global network and this is starting to bring the internet of value to life ".

The episode then goes to Cate asking SVP of Product, Asheesh Birla, what the product team has achieved this year. To this, Birla answered by saying:

"We wanted all products to work better with one another, and what I mean is xCurrent, you know, the product we've been selling on the market for over three years, we've worked with xRapid and because it's a big deal problem because you do not need to have the expensive capital tied in Mexico.You can use xRapid for on-demand liquidity that immediately receives liquidity and delivers payment in Mexico One of the really exciting things about xRapid is that we not only launched the product technically, but we got it live in Mexico, we also recorded it in the Philippines. "

Cate then asks Birla how 2019 looks when he responds by saying:

"We want to bring xRapid to multiple corridors, and we are observing which specific corridors have the regulatory clarity we need, but we also solve a big sore point for a customer."

Ripple has been quite explicit about the state of regulatory systems around the world and has educated people on many regulations.

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Not long ago, Sagar Sarbhai, Head of Governmental and Regulatory Relations for APAC and the Middle East, spoke about the regulatory approaches that drive innovation in Thailand and Abu Dhabi.

Speaking of the state of the regulations related to the cryptic industry in Thailand, he said:

"Like Japan, the Thai Central Bank, Bank of Thailand (BOT), reacted to the market demand for digital resources when in 2018 it moved decisively to protect its consumers and institutions, prohibiting banks from offering services digital exchanges Then, a few months later, the Thai government changed course and announced progressive regulations designed to encourage investment and innovation ".

Adding to it, he said:

"With the ambition of being the fintech hub for the ASEAN region (Association of Southeast Asian Nations), the Thai government had recognized the importance of striking a balance – creating a framework for regulating digital assets that tackle risk and at the same time support innovation – chose not to regulate technology, just how it is used. "

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