Ripple product SVP: customers want a quicker boarding experience for xRapid


Earlier today, Ripple released two extended versions of their latest episode of Ripple Drop on their official Youtube channel. In one of the extensive interviews, Asheesh Birla, Ripple's SVP of Product, talked about customer feedback, especially for xRapid.

Asheesh Birla started talking about the achievements of the Ripple product team. The SVP of the product said that the collaboration of xRapid and xCurrent is one of the most important results, underlining that the team "wanted to make all products work better with one another". He said:

"And then, of course, xVia, you know, a lot of traction, especially in the last couple of quarters, get that product live and even run xVia with xRapid, another great win – complete this experience."

Source: Reddit

Source: Reddit

Later, Birla clarified the feedback from customers that the team received, especially for xRapid. He said that Ripple's customers are demanding for many more places / destinations. He added that customers do not see the time of other xCurrent distributions as they can reach "some of the most difficult and difficult to send payments". Considering that, with xRapid, customers want a faster on-board experience. He added:

"And that means they want to be able to go to light new corridors faster with xRapid because they know that as soon as the product is in their flow, they can not only save money, but offer their customers a better experience thanks to speed and cost savings with xRapid. "

In addition, the product's SVP provided insights into how 2019 would look for Ripple and its products. He stated that the team's goal is to increase the adoption of xRapid, in particular to bring it into the "corridors" that have the necessary regulatory clarity and also try to solve the "big weaknesses" for their customers. .

"And the other thing is that xCurrent gives us the chance and we are not looking forward to pushing the product to more destinations and so the goal is to send more destinations to payments".

In addition, Ripple announced that there are over 200 well-known financial institutions for RippleNet, with thirteen new customers joining the list recently. Among these were BFC Bahrain, ConnectPay, Euro Exim Bank, Performance and Olympia Trust Company.

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