Ripple Price – 3 bearish and bullish forecasts for the end of 2018


When it comes to Ripple and its native XRP asset, there is no middle ground. The cryptocurrency community seems to love it or hate it. Even so, there are many expectations regarding the price of Ripple going on. The following three graphs show that there will be a bloodbath or an upward trend before 2018 is over.

Three predictions on the price of the ripple:

# 3 XRP short to hell

  price chart of the bearish ripple kdibb85
Chart: Tradingview

Depending on who asks the question, XRP is in an uptrend or simply exaggerated beyond imagination. The 2018 price correction pushed the value of Ripple's native heritage to 1/10 of its all-time high. If you believe in traders Kdibb85 this is only the beginning of a sharp decline in XRP prices. According to him, at the moment there are no signs of bullish XRP price.

As such, the price of XRP is expected to continue to fall to the $ 0.1 or potentially lower level before the year 2018 is completed. Even if it is not an unrealistic perspective, it seems rather bearish for no apparent reason. The XRP price is the first to recover this year after a dive and is able to record huge gains over a long period of time.

# 2 Leaving the descending channel

  Bullish uptrend price chart Tilen
Chart: Tradingview

Nobody will deny the price of Ripple apparently stuck in a channel of a continuous decline. However, the same applies to all cryptocurrencies, resources and tokens on the market today. In the case of XRP, it seems that this channel down was finally broken. Although it remains to be seen if the value can remain above $ 0.27 for much longer.

Assuming this to happen successfully, there is a good chance that the XRP price may start looking again. While Tilen_tradershub does not make real predictions in terms of what value can be achieved, it is evident that a $ 0.5 boost would not be entirely out of the question. Anything else would be difficult to maintain, unless there is a lot of momentum behind the next XRP price increase.

Support number 1 turns into an inflatable trampoline

  uptrend bullish price chart easymarkets
Chart: Tradingview

Today it is very difficult to find realistic support levels for cryptocurrencies, tokens and resources. It would seem that Ripple's price is getting very close to finding its support level of $ 0.314. This could indicate that another attempt to break $ 0.35 is on the horizon next week.

Considering how the $ 0.35 level seems to act as more resistance – according to EasyMarkets – it will be interesting to see if XRP can successfully break that level or not. If it does, this would mean that all markets are going through a recovery phase. One can only hope that such a positive result can actually happen.

Ripple Graphics of Tradingview

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